Chilling Exclusive Clip - Undocumented!

Welcome to Tuesday! To celebrate Monday being over, we've scored you cats an exclusive clip to dig on from Chris Peckover's stellar flick Undocumented. Dare you take a peek?

CONTEST CLOSED! See Undocumented on Sundance NOW for Free!

Here at Dread Central we like giving you things for free. And why not? Being that we're all horror fans, we remember all too well what it's like sitting back and seeing other folks sink their claws into stuff that we really want. So now? Now we've got your hot ticket to dig on Undocumented in the comfort of your own home for free!

See Undocumented on Sundance NOW

Have you been forward and backward through Netflix and just can't find anything to queue up anymore? We've got the answer for you. On Sundance NOW you can stream your favorite independent films into your home (for a very reasonable price) or even step right up and buy them. And one great reason to check out the site right now ... Undocumented.

Area 51 Confidential to Premiere in Las Vegas and Oklahoma City

Let's say you're a filmmaker. And let's say you make a film about a certain secret military base that happens to be in Nevada. What better place to premiere that movie than right up the road in Sin City? And that's exactly what the people behind Area 51 Confidential intend to do.

New Undocumented One-Sheet Flies Familiar Colors

Just a few days ago we shared a new trailer with you for Chris Peckover's Undocumented that has been thankfully scooped up by IFC for distro. And now? Now we've got a really cool poster for you to dig on.

New Trailer for The Tapes Uncovered

It's been a while since last we checked in with the latest cinéma-vérité style terror flick from our friends across the pond in the UK, but we now have a new trailer for you to dig upon. Dare you watch ... The Tapes?

Apollo 18 Review Is Up! Find Out If You Should Find Out Why We Never Went Back!

Apollo 18 hits theaters today, but before you go traipsing off to the theater for the latest entry in a long line of "found footage" horror films, find out whether or not you SHOULD bother finding out why we never went back.

Apollo 18 (2011)

Starring Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego

Fourth Official Apollo 18 Clip Puts the Hammer Down

Ready to see some seriously f*d up shit go down on the Apollo 18 mission? Then you'll want to check out this latest clip, entitled "Hammer", which purports to be recovered footage from the top secret Apollo 18 moon mission courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

An Undocumented Teaser Debut

It's been a long while since last we spoke about Chris Peckover's Undocumented, but thankfully IFC has stepped in and scooped up this truly chilling thriller for distro. Get ready for your first look at the teaser trailer.

New Apollo 18 Trailer Touches Down on the Internet

Finally the best damned trailer for Apollo 18 yet has hit online. Better let than never, right? Who's up for some interstellar spooky? I know we are! Dig it!

Third Official Apollo 18 Clip Floats Down from Space

If the powers-that-be behind Apollo 18 keep doling out the goods in the form of clips, TV spots, etc., we're going to start feeling like we've seen the whole film before it opens! In any event, to help close out your Friday before you head to the nearest watering hole (or shelter in the case of our East Coast friends), here's the third official clip, entitled "Cave".

More Apollo 18 Goodies Land Online

The Weinsteins are now firing with both barrels in terms of promotion of their latest film, Apollo 18, with new clips and more landing all over the interwebs! Dig on the goods right here, and look for the Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego directed flick in theatres on September 2nd.

Follow Along with a New Apollo 18 Clip and TV Spot

Finally a real clip has surfaced for the Weinsteins' Apollo 18 along with a brand new TV spot, and we have it all right here ready and waiting for your inquisitive eyes! Dig it!

Zombie Diaries 2: World of the Dead Image Gallery Shambles Forth

Just hours after bringing you the official U.S. one-sheet and trailer for Zombie Diaries 2: World of the Dead (review here), we now have a full still gallery filled with lots of dead things for you to dig on!