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Ghost Gets the Ectoplasm Kicked Out of Him in New Clip From A Haunted House

There's a real lack of human on ghost violence in movies today, but thankfully a new clip from the upcoming Wayans comedy A Haunted House fixes that. Check it out!

Find Five Found Footage Clips in A Haunted House

Five, count 'em, five new clips from the upcoming Wayans comedy A Haunted House have arrived special delivery from a freaky demon chick, and we've got every last one of them right here for you. Check 'em out!

Bend Over Backwards to See the New One-Sheet for The Last Exorcism Part II

Remember that psycho looking one-sheet for The Last Exorcism that featured Ashley Bell bending backwards? Well, the folks behind the sequel certainly do, and they're giving us yet another back breaking bit of eye candy.

Start Caroling Outside of A Haunted House

Christmas carolers can be as annoying as a Mariachi band blowing their horns in your face at a Mexican restaurant while you're trying in vain to enjoy your high calorie stomach buster. Still, there's no reason not to sing along with the following holiday spot!

First Clip, Second Trailer, and More Stills from The Whispering Dead

Busted Knuckle Productions is continuing to develop the haunted title The Whispering Dead, and they sent over an update that includes some new stills, the second trailer, and a clip introducing us to "Ghost Girl."

A New Release Date Announced for The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes

Get out your calendars, kids! The Weinsteins have set yet another date for the latest Amityville film, The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes, and if they don't change their minds, you'll be able to see it in theatres on January 3rd, 2014.

Get Cornered by the New One-Sheet for A Haunted House

Another parody one-sheet for A Haunted House has crawled online... then up the wall... then roosted in the upper corner of the room. Check this one out and pray it will be your last. As if. Dig it!

Exclusive: There's Something Sinister Inside A Haunted House

We're loving these parody posters for the Wayanses' A Haunted House, and each one seems funnier than the next. Time for some exclusive artwork for you cats to chew on. Behold the latest sliver of eye candy right now.

Dive into Barry Levinson's The Bay on DVD this March

From the Oscar-winning director of Rain Man comes… a found footage ecological horror movie about mutant aquatic parasites? Who saw that one coming? If you didn’t see it on VOD or during its limited theatrical run last month, you’ll get another chance to swim in Barry Levinson’s The Bay this coming spring.

Radio Silence Finds Footage for Fox

If the Radio Silence team proved anything in the indie hit V/H/S, it's that they can do horror with flying colors as their segment in the anthology was the best the flick had to offer. That being said, 20th Century Fox took notice of this.

There's a Devil Inside A Haunted House

I still receive no end of shit for daring to dig The Devil Inside, and just when I thought those days were behind me, those damned Wayans brothers have to go and release a hilarious parody poster for A Haunted House.

New Red Band Trailer for A Haunted House Protects Your Balls

If you're at work and have some headphones handy, you may wanna plug them in because there's enough profanity in the following hilarious trailer to get your ass fired twice. However... if you're not at work or just hate your co-workers, have at it!

The Bay to Infect UK Cinemas Next March

Oscar winning director Barry Levinson's horrifying The Bay (review here) recently made its debut in the US On Demand, but fear fans on UK shores will be delighted to know that come March 1, 2013, they'll be able to experience the eco-terror freakout on the big screen courtesy of Momentum Pictures.

Official Poster for A Haunted House Materializes

We've seen the image gallery and the trailer, and now finally we have a one-sheet for the latest upcoming Wayans parody A Haunted House. Honestly? It's okay, but man, is there room for improvement. Tell us what you think!

Silver Pictures Gearing up for a Home Invasion

Nothing says terror like chilling out at home and then becoming victim to a home invasion led by a bunch of crazed psychopaths. Sound like your cup of tea? Well then, read on for the first details of this new found footage thriller.