Cinéma vérité

Found Footage Introduced as Exhibit X

Here's the thing... if you're looking to have a party that will have a lasting effect on your attendees, you may not want to hold said event in one of the most haunted places in the world. Then again, what kind of fun would playing it safe be?

DreamWorks Finds Footage with a Glimmer

Time travel is as hot a subject today as it ever has been. The thought of traversing through different periods of human history is both thought-provoking and the kind of stuff that makes old Doc Brown shit in his pants. With all this back and forth it's about time someone found some footage along the way!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of The River TV Series on DVD

ABC took fans on a bit of a bumpy ride down "The River", and if you're one of the many who missed the series during its brief eight-episode run, we have one DVD box set to give away to a lucky Dread Central reader.

Discover the Alien Origin of Life on Earth in the Trailer for The Asylum’s Latest Found Footage Movie

I’m starting to feel like The Asylum’s public relations person this week. My fourth Asylum story in seven days about their fourth new release in barely over a month, the sci-fi found footage shocker Alien Origin

XLrator Media Finds The Lost Coast Tapes

Good news for fans of Sasquatchploitation! XLrator Media has found Bigfoot, acquiring North American rights to the horror/thriller The Lost Coast Tapes with plans for a fall release. Get your plaster casts ready, kids!

A Trio of Clips from The River DVD Box Set

"The River" didn't seem to float the boats of TV viewers during its brief eight-episode run, but maybe it'll fare better on DVD as the Season 1 box set street today, May 22nd, courtesy of ABC Studios. In case you're on the fence about checking it out, here's a trio of clips from the show; look for bonus feature clips soon.

First Still Recovered from the Ends of the Earth

Get ready to sink your teeth into the first official still from CBS Films' found footage vampire thriller, Ends of the Earth, written and directed by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse. Check it out, but don't look into its eyes!

Big Biting Pig Productions to Release Spirit Stalkers on June 16

The award-winning company Big Biting Pig Productions has more to brag about than just a cool name. But rather than simply sit back and drink the local bourbon, the company has been busy, busy, busy and announces the upcoming premiere of Spirit Stalkers in Madisonville, KY on June 16.

Found Footage Thriller Ends of the Earth Acquired by CBS Films

It looks like another found footage flick is heading our way thanks to CBS Films. Just one day before the start of Cannes 2012, the company has snatched up US distribution rights to Ends of the Earth, an action thriller written and directed by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse.

Exclusive Trailer Premiere for The Addicted

Drugs can be bad. Really bad. Especially when they're abused. Hell, even taking too much aspirin can be pretty bad for you. They can lead to addictive behavior, sickness, death, and of course hauntings of the shit-yer-pants type variety.

Official New Trailer and One-Sheet for Area 51 Confidential

Zeroinside Films and Pinnovating Productions are proud to drop a new trailer and one-sheet for the upcoming pic Area 51 Confidential. This one combines the found footage filmmaking approach with sci-fi, shown mainly through military surveillance footage. An interesting combination.

Wrekin Hill Entertainment Finds Footage; Issues Amber Alert

Wrekin Hill Entertainment has acquired the North American rights to found footage thriller Amber Alert and will release the film day and date in theaters and via video-on-demand services this fall. Read on for the details.

UPDATE: Paramount Getting Ready to Take an Upper?

Ever since it hit our radar months ago, The Upper Footage (formerly Upper) has both confused and intrigued us. Amongst the many virals for it, we've seen two trailers and more but never any mention of when we could see the actual "footage". However, that could be changing soon.

Plot Details Emerge for The Last Exorcism Sequel

There's a lot of mystery surrounding the sequel to The Last Exorcism, but some plot details have come to light that are tastier than any Eucharist we've ever eaten. Dig it!

Area 407 (2012)

Starring Samantha Lester, James Lyons, Melanie Lyons, Abigail Schrader Directed by Dale Fabrigar and Everette Wallin