Chupacabra vs The Alamo

Chupacabra vs. The Alamo (2013)

Starring Erik Estrada, Julia Benson, Vanesa Tomasino, Nicole Munoz, Directed by Terry Ingram

Check out the Teaser Trailer for Syfy's Chupacabra vs. The Alamo

Three words are all you need to know about Syfy's upcoming Original Movie Chupacabra vs. The Alamo: Erik Fuckin' Estrada! Okay, maybe six words: Erik Fuckin' Estrada and a Chupacabra!

First Details on Three Upcoming Syfy Original Movies: Chupacabra vs. The Alamo, Battledogs, and Stonados

Syfy has some pretty interesting sounding Original Movies on the way this spring, including one that finds Erik Estrada back on the bike! Read on for the details and a few photos.