Mezco Announces a Chucky Stylized Roto Figure for Summer 2014

Mezco's Stylized Roto Figures are among our favorite horror collectibles, and this latest announcement that the line is expanding to include our friend to the end fills us with much joy... even if we do have to wait until next summer to play with him!

See Chucky: Slash and Dash Through This New Trailer

Hey, friends to the end! It's time for you to pick up your mobile devices and rampage your way through a gaggle of hapless victims as a new gameplay trailer for Chucky: Slash and Dash has arrived!

Chucky Gets His FIRST Licensed Mobile Game With Slash & Dash

"Hi, I'm Chucky; wanna play?" Since 1988, a certain ginger-headed Good Guy name Chucky has terrorized the masses in his search to become a "real guy" again and in that time has married AND sired a cross-dressing child, but that simply isn't enough for this friend till the end.

Clip From Child's Play: 20th Birthday Edition!

Child’s Play: 20th Birthday Edition (review) hits DVD today, and if you’re still on the fence about getting it, maybe this clip from one of the DVD's special features will help? It better, sucker; we went through a lot to get this for you!

Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition Art Arrives!

STYD received the cover art for what is now known as Child's Play: Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition. We were expecting something with a little more zazz. Remember the Child's Play collection that came out a couple of years ago? How about something creepy like that? Jazz it up with a buttload of zazz.

Chucky's Packing a Lotta Extras

On September 9th, the same day as the new Pumpkinhead DVD, Child's Play will be hitting store shelves again as it reaches 20 years since the killer doll ravaged a kid and his mom with voodoo and murder.