Chronicle 2

Chronicle 2 Gets a New Writer

It's been a long while since last we heard anything about Chronicle 2. In fact, the last time was when we told you that Max Landis had left the production. Today, however, word has come that a new scribe is ready to show us what he can do!

Not So Super News for Chronicle 2

Some really crappy superhero related news has hit the internet. Max Landis has announced via Twitter that he's no longer involved with Chronicle 2. Read on for details.

Chronicle 2 Gets Dark

It's been a while since last we heard anything about the sequel to Chronicle known for now as Chronicle 2, but IGN caught up with writer Max Landis who delivered some news that's music to our ears... if there doesn't have to be too much compromise.

Fox Wants a Chronicle Rehash

In a world in which bad decisions are as common as breathing, some troubling news has come out regarding the sequel to the amazing flick Chronicle. The Playlist recently caught up with John Landis (father or Chronicle scribe Max Landis), who had this to say...

Max Landis Currently Penning Script for Chronicle 2

Screenwriter Max Landis has announced that he is again showing off his own impressive superpower, the ability to write kick-ass movies. At a recent interview from Dubai at Middle East Film and Comic Con Landis dropped word that he's currently penning the script for Chronicle 2.

Max Landis Penning Chronicle 2

Some late breaking news coming out of Fox today. Given the amount of badassery that was Chronicle, a sequel seems like a no-brainer. Especially because it raked in the box office dough. The good news? It looks as if the powers-that-be are getting ready to do this the right way!