Christos Gage

New York Comic Con 2013: Dark Horse Announces Season 10 for Both Buffy and Angel & Faith Plus New Serenity Series

Attn: Joss Whedon fans! We have more news from NYCC, and it involves three series created by said man of the hour: Buffy Season 10, Angel & Faith Season 10, and a new storyline for Serenity, all coming in 2014.

Our First Impressions of the Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith Comics from Dark Horse

Ah, Dark Horse...making dreams real for all the Whedon geeks around the world daily. We are well aware that DC's "New 52" are still making headlines across the globe, but the release of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9, Issue 1 and Angel & Faith, Issue 1 should also be cause for celebration! Here's what you can look forward to...

Look for Issue #1 of New Monthly Angel & Faith Comic Series this August

Good news for Joss Whedon fans - On August 31st Dark Horse will begin a new ongoing monthly comic series starring the two biggest wildcards in the Buffy universe: Angel and Faith!