Christina Cole

NBC Unveils its First Promo Teaser for Rosemary's Baby

Other than reinforcing that it's set in Paris, NBC's first promo for its reimagined "Rosemary's Baby" doesn't show us much. But that's okay - we'd rather be surprised anyway! Look for it sometime this summer.

Carole Bouquet and Christina Cole to Help NBC Deliver Rosemary's Baby

With NBC's reimagined "Rosemary's Baby" being set in Paris, it only makes sense they'd hire a few French actors, and first to be named is the César-winning former Bond girl Carole Bouquet. UK-born Christina Cole has also signed on to the project.

Morlocks Time Their Invasion of Syfy for September

This weekend you’ll get to see David Hewlett on the big screen contending with a mutant ape uprising. This September on the small screen you’ll get to see him contend with a different mutant uprising when Morlocks get loose in our time.