Christian Slater

Dolan's Cadillac Teaser Art

Distributor Film Bridge International recently put up the first teaser art for Dolan’s Cadillac on their official site, as the eagle-eyed monstrosities at Quiet Earth noticed today.

First Pics from Dolan's Cadillac

It seems odd; we’ve been talking about the film version of Dolan’s Cadillac, the adaptation of the Stephen King short story, for so long that now that it’s actually filming it almost doesn’t seem real. Maybe it’s because a relatively unknown helmer is directing it? Or maybe because Sly Stalone isn’t a part of it anymore?

SDCC 08: Blu-ray Heathers w/ Special Packaging!

Diet Cokeheads and Swatch Watchdogs, oh how I miss them so much. Uncle Creepy could sense that and decided to call in with this kickass exclusive straight from San Diego Comic-Con.

Slater Talks Dolan's Cadillac

As filming rolls on in Regina, Canada for Dolan’s Cadillac, the latest Stephen King short story to get the feature film treatment, the small town’s local press are getting some one-on-one time with one of the film's leads, Christian Slater.

Filming Under Way on King's Dolan's Cadilac

Yet another King film adaptation is coming our way as the filming of Dolan's Cadillac has just begun in Regina and Moose Jaw, Canada.

Dolan's Cadillac Finally Ready to Roll?

Wow, talk about some casting changes; when the King short Dolan’s Cadillac was first announced to be adapted to film years and years ago, names like Sylvester Stallone and Kevin Bacon were attached to it. Now we’ve got to names like Christian Slater and Wes Bentley.