Christian E. Christiansen

Leighton Meester Has a Message for The Roommate

You know what's really sad? When something that's only a couple of minutes long made for a laugh and to help promote a movie ends up being way better than the movie itself. Yep. Such is the case here.

The Roommate Review - You're Better Off Alone!

*Phone rings* Creepy: "Hello?" Foy: "Yeah, hello!" Creepy: "What's up?" Foy: "Ya know, if we didn't need a review for this crap I would have left about halfway through!" Creepy: "That good, huh?" Foy: "I've never done this before, but I demand my $5.50 back!" Creepy: "Hello? Foy? I can't hear you! Hello? No really, hello?

Video Interviews: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet, Aly Michalka and Christian E. Christiansen Talk The Roommate

Lord only knows how this weekend's horror offering The Roommate will fare with genre fans, but as always we've got all of the bases covered for you in terms of everything you need to judge whether or not this one will be worth your box office dime.

Three Clips From The Roommate Move In

Terror is set to move in this Friday as The Roommate readies itself to move in. To kick things off for the film's launch we've got three clips for you to chew on!

First Clip from The Roommate Moves In

While there's not a whole lot going on in it, the very first clip from The Roommate is here and waiting for you to lock eyes with it. Go ahead, stare. They are!

The Roommate Finally Gets an Effective Poster!

There's no doubt about it. Sometimes less is definitely more, and a simple but eye-catching concept can be far more memorable than all the overly Photoshopped images in the world combined. Need proof? Check out the new one-sheet for The Roommate.

The Roommate Website Opens; Check Out Our Image Gallery!

With its February 4th release date looming, we knew it was just a matter of time before Screen Gems starting cutting loose with some goods for The Roommate, and today we have the launch of the film's website along with a big batch of stills ... enough to fill an entire gallery!

One-Sheet Debut - The Roommate

A bit of artwork for yet another flick we feel as if we've been talking about forever, The Roommate, has made its way online today, and we have every foggy pixel of it awaiting your perusal.

The Tween Hellraiser Remake Finds Director, Star

With the low-budget Hellraiser: Revelations currently shooting under the helm of director Victor Garcia, it seems as if preliminary planning on the oft-touted Hellraiser remake is continuing rather smoothly ...