Christa Campbell

Get Locked Up with the Stonehearst Asylum Trailer and Artwork

Just yesterday we learned that Brad Anderson's new project has been renamed Stonehearst Asylum, and now we already have a look at its updated artwork and trailer. Check it out, and look for more soon!

Eliza Graves Takes Up Residence in Stonehearst Asylum

Time to play the name game, kids, though it will not be nearly as entertaining as it was during "American Horror Story: Asylum." Eliza Graves has gotten itself a new title, Stonehearst Asylum. Look for it via Millennium Films on October 24th.

Trailer Premiere and Official Synopsis for Seed 2: The New Breed

As promised yesterday, the first trailer for Seed 2: The New Breed has arrived, and along with it comes the official synopsis. Uwe Boll serves as producer on this sequel to his original film with Marcel Walz writing and directing.

Makeup Artist Ryan Nicholson Talks Seed 2; Gruesome New Stills and Artwork

It's been a few months since we've heard anything about Seed 2, but a trailer is on its way. In the meantime here are some fairly graphic stills, a new poster, and a video interview with the film's special makeup artist, Ryan Nicholson.

Shooting Wraps on Eliza Graves; Dig Up the Film's First Poster

With its high profile cast, seasoned director, and source material from Edgar Allan Poe, we have high hopes for Eliza Graves. Exec producer Christa Campbell and star Kate Beckinsale are keeping us posted on the film's progress via Twitter and provided a look at the first poster.

New Chainsaw Producers Looking to Remake Romero's Day of the Dead

The George A. Romero classic Day of the Dead has already been remade shoddily, and it's even been given a sequel so bad words escape me at the moment. Now two of Texas Chainsaw 3D's producers, Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman, are looking to give it another go.

Caroline Williams Talks the Expanded World of Seed 2: The New Breed

Caroline Williams' character in Seed 2 is unlike any other she's played before, and in this new video interview she shares her experiences working on the film, the macabre nature of the story, her thoughts on where the genre is heading, and lots more.

Christa Campbell Talks Seed 2's Realistic Effects, Filming in the Desert, and More; First Soundtrack Details Revealed

Director Marcel Walz posted on his YouTube Channel a video interview with Seed 2 star Christa Campbell, and we have it for you here along with some early details on the film's soundtrack.

Official Seed 2 Poster Holds You at Knifepoint

Have you ever seen Uwe Boll's weirdo slasher flick Seed? Better yet, have you even heard of it? It doesn't matter. Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we announced a sequel was coming? You either have a short memory or are blocking.

Seeds Planted for Seed 2: The New Breed

Have you ever seen Uwe Boll's weirdo slasher flick Seed? Better yet, have you even heard of it? It doesn't matter. You're going to. Especially when the recently announced Seed 2: The New Breed comes around.

We're Giving Away Spiders! Lots and Lots of Spiders!

Well, not exactly, but man it would be worth it just to see the delivery guy's face! What we're talking about is the new flick from Tibor Takacs, Spiders, on DVD and Blu-ray. The flick hits stores on March 12th, and we've got your chance to score a copy on us!

Spiders - Cities Announced and Engulfed in Web for Theatrical Run

On February 8th the throwback giant beastie goodness of Spiders will be hitting eight California cities for its limited theatrical engagement. Is yours one of the lucky few to be caught in its web? Read on for details.

In or Near LA? Attend a FREE 3D Screening of Spiders on January 30th!

The limited theatrical and VOD release of Tibor Takacs' Spiders isn't happening until February 8th, but if you live in or near Los Angeles, you can attend an early FREE screening of the flick in 3D on Wednesday, January 30th. Read on for the details!

Exclusive Trailer Premiere for Spiders Spins its Web

With a limited theatrical release in both 3D and 2D on its way, as well as a VOD premiere on DirectTV, Time Warner, Comcast, Cox, AT&T, and Verizon looming, we have a brand spanking new trailer for Spiders for you! Dig it!

Spiders 3D Soon Spinning Its Web on DVD, Blu-ray, and 3D Blu-ray; Limited Theatrical Run Announced

Hard to believe we’re due two giant spiders terrorizing a major city movies this year. Mega Spider will have to wait while Christa Campbell and Patrick Muldoon contend with giant spiders in a 3D movie from the director of The Gate.