Chris W. Freeman

Exclusive: First Look at the Poster for Sorority Party Massacre

It’s been awhile since we updated you on the slasher vs. college girls flick Sorority Party Massacre, but don’t fret. We’ve got a status update for you from the project’s producer and a first look at the flick’s poster! Read on!

Exclusive Set Report from Sorority Party Massacre: Photo Gallery, Release News, and More!

It’s been a while since we last reported on the slasher flick Sorority Party Massacre, but fear not! We hit the Simi Valley, California, set in early December, 2011, to not only witness a mock hanging and a bevy of scantily-actresses sunbathing but also chat with co-director Chris Freeman and one of the film’s stars, scream queen Eve Mauro. Read on for the details and extensive ocular candy!

Third Sorority Party Massacre One-Sheet Busts Balls

A new sliver of eye candy has come our way from Chris W. Freeman and Justin Jones' new slasher flick, Sorority Party Massacre, this one featuring star Yvette Yates stroking some wood. Aw yeah, mama.

Exclusive: Producer Update on Sorority Party Massacre

Sorority Party Massacre co-director (with Justin Jones) and writer-producer Chris Freeman caught up with Dread to give us the skinny on the flick (see our previous coverage here) as well as to provide another bit of exclusive and sexy key art and a production still of cast member Kevin Sorbo.

Exclusive - Filmmaker to Throw a Sorority Party Massacre

While chatting last night with friend and actress Eve Mauro (she of The Steam Experiment and Wicked Lake fame), this writer was tipped off to her upcoming feature Sorority Party Massacre, scheduled to shoot in and around Los Angeles and its surrounding environs this December and coming January.