Chris Sparling

Stephen King Tale Ayana Heading to TV from Universal

Yep, another Stephen King story is heading to the small screen, and at this rate it won't be long before half the shows on TV are based on King tales! Read on for the early word on "Ayana" from Universal TV.

Exclusive Interview: Director David Brooks Talks ATM and More

In ATM we follow three co-workers who, after leaving a company party together and making a quick stop for some cash, end up in a desperate struggle for survival when an unknown man appears outside an ATM vestibule in the middle of nowhere, threatening their very lives.

OMFG! Shamble On in to Peep the One-Sheet Debut for ATM and Get Treated to Two Clips! Wowie Wow Wow!

How's that for a headline filled with hyperbole? Just having a little fun... In any event, though, ATM is looking pretty good, and we have the newly released domestic one-sheet and even a couple of clips for you to dig upon!

Three New Stills From ATM are Out of Order

Trapped by a killer. With our luck it could happen to us anywhere. Especially if we're with Buz and in Mexico. They hate him there. No one really knows why. But yeah, three new stills from ATM have made their way to the DC offices. Dig it.

Withdraw an Italian TV Spot from the ATM

While we still wait patiently for the domestic goodies, Italy already has a TV spot for the upcoming psycho on the loose flick ATM. Check it out along with a side of garlic knots.

International One-Sheet for ATM Slips Online

While we still haven't seen a domestic poster anywhere, an international one-sheet for ATM has made its way to the interwebs. Dig it!

Make a Trailer Withdrawal from IFC's ATM

Finally a trailer has shown up online is support of IFC Midnight's new flick ATM, and we have it for you right here. PIN number not required. Never can remember those damned things. We usually just stand there, punch in 69, and giggle like school kids.

IFC Midnight Visits the ATM

We've been talking about the new thriller ATM for a long while around these parts, and now there's some pretty nifty news to report on in terms of when we'll get to withdraw some terror!

Mandy Moore is Falling Slowly into Horror

It always happens, man. You get yourself a new apartment, move in, kick back, and whammo it's friggin' haunted. Although some would find that to be an amenity. In any event the ghosts will be bumpin' in the night courtesy of the writer of Buried.

First Teaser Image Withdrawn from Lionsgate's ATM

Finally amidst a really slow news week (though we're not complaining as we genuinely needed a break), something cool has come our way in the form of the very first teaser image from David Brooks' new thriller, ATM. The upcoming flick stars Brian Geraghty, Josh Peck and Alice Eve. No words yet on any release plans, but we'll keep an eye on things for you as we always do.

Alice Eve Deposits Herself into ATM

A bit of casting news for the upcoming thriller ATM ... a withdrawal and a deposit if you will! That's right, kids! Let's talk who will be cashing those checks for terror!

New Plot Details Are Withdrawn from the ATM

Until now we only knew the basics surrounding David Brooks' forthcoming thriller ATM. Three co-workers who make a late-night visit to an ATM on Christmas Eve end up in a desperate fight for their lives when they become trapped by an unknown man. Ready for a bit more?

First Casting News: Brian Geraghty, Josh Peck, and Margarita Levieva to Withdraw Terror from the ATM

In the horror biz there is no place that's safe from some type of malevolent force - be it human or supernatural. The first three cast members of David Brooks' thriller ATM are about to find that out the hard way.

M. Night Shyamalan Bringing us Twelve Strangers and New Secret Project with Bruce Willis

M. Night Shyamalan movies are a mixed bag. They've ranged from good (The Sixth Sense) to decent (Signs) to downright awful (The Happening), but we're still rooting for the guy.

Buried Writer Withdraws Terror From ATM

Is there any place safe anymore? Sadly, the answer is no. Horror is unpredictable and usually takes you by surprise. In the blink of an eye any situation can turn to absolute chaos, and that very premise is exactly what Gold Circle Films is counting on with ATM.