Chris Rossi

Olivia Wilde Finds Horror in Meadowland

Probably one of the scariest things in the world any of us have had to do is let a complete stranger into our lives. People, by nature, cause chaos, and you just never know what a person could be thinking. This is why I only talk to my action figures.

McG Chases Storms for Syfy

The Syfy channel and director McG. For whatever reason those things sound so right together. Like they were meant to be. And now finally they are almost together.

Syfy Spends Day 38 Chasing Storms

The Syfy Channel is once again ready to tango with its greatest opponent - Mother Nature. Thus far this bitch has unleashed sharks of multiple sizes, gatoroids, a slew of mega-whatevers, enormous icebergs that move at super speeds, and now they're getting ready to find footage of some unlucky stormchasers.