Chris Pasetto

Get Another Look at Norman Reedus in AIR

Right now Entertainment Weekly is scoring all the goods from the upcoming AIR, produced by Robert Kirkman and starring Norman Reedus; and today those goods include another photo of Reedus from the film. How about spreading it around a little, guys?

#SDCC14: First Poster for Robert Kirkman's AIR

Just in time for the dreaded by journalists event of the year, the San Diego Comic-Con, we have a brand new one-sheet for AIR, which is coming to us from producer Robert Kirkman and stars Norman Reedus of Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" TV series.

First Still from and More Details on AIR (Formerly Wake Cycle)

It was back in October of 2011 when we first got word that Christian Cantamessa would be directing a post-apocalyptic project called Wake Cycle, and now that some time has passed, the film has a new name (AIR), an impressive cast, and a few very familiar names on its production team.

The Apocalypse to Come During a Wake Cycle

Let's face it; if and when the Apocalypse does come, it's not gonna be pretty. There will be all manner of new and never before seen horrors set upon the scorched Earth, and that's exactly how we like it!