Chris Morrissey

Second Trailer for Trick of the Witch Casts its Spell

Man, the folks behind this one aren't playing around. It was just over two weeks ago that we brought you the trailer for the new indie fear film Trick of the Witch, and already we have a second one locked and loaded.

Trailer Debut: Trick of the Witch

About two months ago we brought you a handful of stills from the upcoming indie spooker Trick of the Witch, and as if by some nefarious spell, today we have the trailer for you!

New Stills: Fashion Models Experience The Trick of the Witch

Oh, how we love films about witches. The only problem? They are few and far between, and the good ones are even more scarce. Still, we're always willing to give the worshippers of the devil their due, and that's exactly why we're pretty optimistic regarding indie filmmaker Chris Morrissey's latest film, Trick of the Witch.

Trick of the Witch Begins Production

Was The Craft really the last time we had a good witch movie? (I know I’m probably alone in my appreciation of Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears so won’t presume everyone’s on board with that one.) Today we got word that indie filmmaker Chris Morrissey will be trying his hand at the subgenre with a flick that’s got some serious potential. Read on for the skinny!