Chris Morgan

Universal Looking to Officially Bring Back its Monsters

We've seen reboots of some Universal classics like The Mummy and The Wolfman before, and we even have things like Dracula Untold on the horizon. Now the house that monsters built is looking to revere its monstrous franchises anew!

Jason Blum and Chris Morgan Team up to Thrill Us

Some quick news to kick-start your Friday evening as word of a tale of science gone awry has hit the wire. Being that awry science is our favorite type of science, we figured it would definitely be worth a mention. Read on for details.

Universal Picks Up New Supernatural Project Pitch

Relax, kids, the Winchesters are not heading to the big screen (although that would be kind of cool as long as it doesn't have any Sam flashbacks about having coffee or petting dogs). We're talking about a new as of yet untitled project that Universal has locked up the rights to.

Chevy Suburban Home to Horror in Stranded

Paramount Insurge, an arm of the main studio dedicated to making films for under a million dollars each, may have another tale of terror ready to pop out from their ever so profitable sleeve. One that sees kids being picked off by evil forces while on the road.