Chris Gorak

Raging Fires in Moscow Halt Production on The Darkest Hour

While the rest of the world for the most part is going about its everyday business (no matter how sad, eccentric, or ludicrous as it may be), there are massive fires happening right now in Moscow, and for safety's sake production has been suspended on the alien invasion film The Darkest Hour.

Max Minghella Set for The Darkest Hour

Yet another cast member has signed on to experience a round of extraterrestrial induced carnage deep within the heart of mother Russia. That's right, kids! Time for another update on The Darkest Hour!

Two More Sign on for The Darkest Hour

With all the controversy and mystery surrounding JJ Abrams' latest alien flick Super 8, let's not forget that another film filled with extraterrestrial related carnage is also on the way -- The Darkest Hour!

Emile Hirsch Comes In From the Wild to Deal With The Darkest Hour

One up and coming actor we are always happy to see getting work is Into the Wild's Emile Hirsch. The guy brings a real believability to his roles, and to have him treading around our genre can only lead to good stuff.

Olivia Thirlby Fights Off Aliens in The Darkest Hour

With Right at Your Door director Chris Gorak proved that he knew how to do a lot with a little in terms of money to work with. It's going to be pretty sweet to see what the talented director can come up with armed with a budget and a plan that finds New Regency partnering with Summit Entertainment to bring us a 28 Days Later-like thriller about a group of kids struggling to survive in Russia after an alien invasion.

UFOs Attack Russia in The Darkest Hour

We need more scary alien invasion flicks right now about as much as we need more giant monster movies, man! Thankfully there's another coming our way as Right at Your Door director Chris Gorak is readying a tale of terror that will offer a glimpse of the world suffering through The Darkest Hour.

Chris Gorak at a Dead Loss

Chris Gorak who helmed the unnerving indie flick Right at Your Door had got himself a new film to work on -- Dead Loss. The title is actually pretty appropriate considering that's just what I was at after reading the plot crunch.

New Clips Right at Your Door

This was one of the first movies we saw at Fantasia this year that had to do with some kind of massive apocalypse or traumatic event going down but told a very small story within the framework.

Right at Your Door (2007)

Starring Mary McCormack, Rory Cochran, Scotty Noyd, Jr. Directed by Chris Gorak