Chloe Sevigny

Get Your First Look at Those Who Kill

We haven't heard much about A&E's "Those Who Kill," starring Chloë Sevigny and James D’Arcy, other than that it's heading our way sometime in 2014, but now we have a first look teaser video for the show to share.

A&E Gives a Series Order to Those Who Kill

Hoping the public's fascination with serial killers hasn't reached the saturation point just yet, A&E is finalizing a deal for a series order for pilot "Those Who Kill," starring Chloë Sevigny and James D’Arcy, which Joe Carnahan directed from a script by Glen Morgan.

Nothing Says Happy Holidays Quite Like a Card from American Horror Story: Asylum

"American Horror Story: Asylum" has exceeded all expectations and you just never know what you're gonna get from each episode. Alien abduction, slashers, exorcisms, nazis, mutants... and in this case... holiday cheer!

AFM 2012: Sales Under Way on Supernatural Thriller The Wait

M. Blash's The Wait, starring Chloe Sevigny and Jena Malone, is now in post-production, and Ryan Kampe’s Visit Films has acquired world sales rights for the film at the currently running American Film Market.

James D'Arcy Joins A&E's Those Who Kill as Male Lead

A few days ago we got word that Chloe Sevigny would be one of the stars of A&E's pilot "Those Who Kill," and now we know with whom she'll be sharing a majority of her screen time as British actor James D’Arcy has been set as the male lead.

Chloe Sevigny Lands the Lead in A&E's Those Who Kill Pilot Directed by Joe Carnahan

She's currently scorching TV screens with her portrayal of 1960's nymphomaniac Shelley in "American Horror Story: Asylum," and now Chloe Sevigny is heading to A&E for "Those Who Kill."

Have a Look Inside American Horror Story: Asylum - Episode 2: Tricks and Treats

We're still waiting for some feedback from you guys with regard to "American Horror Story: Asylum." Loving it? Hating it? On the fence until you see more? If you're in the latter category, you'll want to check out this inside look from the cast and crew at Episode 2: "Tricks and Treats."

Go Behind the Scenes of the Opening of American Horror Story: Asylum; Watch a Preview of Next Week's Episode

We have two new videos on tap for you kids who are loving "American Horror Story: Asylum": a special behind-the-scenes look at the show's opening sequence along with a sneak peek of next week's episode, "Nor'easter." Dig it!

There are Tricks and Treats to be Found in this Latest American Horror Story: Asylum Promo Video

The good folks behind "American Horror Story: Asylum" have released promotional video number 876,298,001 for the show, and we have it for you right here along with all the lunatics running the place. Dig it!

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum - Episode 2: Tricks and Treats; Ryan Murphy Offers a Few Hints of What's Coming

We haven't heard much feedback yet as to what you guys thought of "American Horror Story: Asylum," but we thought Episode 1 was a great beginning with some interesting characters and can't wait for Episode 2.

A Look Ahead at American Horror Story: Asylum; Dylan McDermott Returns!

As expected, "American Horror Story: Asylum" delivered some of the craziest shit we've seen on TV all year, and we cannot help but love it for that reason. So, what do the weeks ahead hold for us? Check out this video!

American Horror Story: Asylum Ready to Spook You Tonight!

Tonight's the night, kids! "American Horror Story: Asylum" is read to check us all into the mental ward, and we've got the final teaser video on hand to get you primed for the terrors to come. Dig it!

American Horror Story: Asylum Rogues Gallery

SpoilerTV nabbed themselves a nifty image gallery with some rather unique looks at the cast of the highly anticipated FX terror tale "American Horror Story: Asylum." Check them out here along with the show's first 5 minutes.

Ian McShane Joins the American Horror Story: Asylum

We're just days away from the premiere of the highly anticipated FX terror tale "American Horror Story: Asylum," and believe it or not the casting news continues to trickle in. Read on for the skinny on who's going mad next!

Dig on the First Five Minutes of American Horror Story: Asylum

We're a few days away from the premiere of the highly anticipated FX terror tale "American Horror Story: Asylum," and the powers-that-be have decided to dispense with the myriad of teasers and give you a proper taste of what's to come.