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Exclusive: See the Latest TV Spot for Let Me In Before it Airs on TV!

In our never ending quest to get you guys as much cool shit as possible, and get it to you first, we've gotten our hands on the latest TV spot for Matt Reeves' Let Me In before the television stations will start airing it. We're badass like that.

More Let Me In Weirdness Arrives by Mail

And the Let Me In viral train keeps right on chuggin' as a new box of mysterious goodies has found its way into our mailboxes. Oh, P.O. Box 666! We just never know what you're going to send next!

New Images and International Trailer - Let Me In

Every day we get something else! That's right, kids. Get ready for a new international trailer as well as some more stills from Matt Reeves' upcoming kiddie-vamp flick, Let Me In. Look for the film in theatres on October 1st, and for more dig on the ever so puzzling Let Me In website here.

Yet Another Bit of Let Me In Viral Lunacy Hits Online

I think the folks behind Let Me In are trying to set some form of record for viral internet trickery! Yet another bit of hidden goodness has slipped online and we've got the directions for you to go and dig on an age restricted behind-the-scenes clip.

New Let Me In Clip and One-Sheets

And more Let Me In goodness comes crashing through the door. This time in the fashion of a new clip and two new bits of poster art that focus on everyone's favorite little vampire. Look for the flick in theatres on October 1st, and for more dig on the ever so puzzling Let Me In website here.

More Clips From Let Me In

A veritable trio of new clips from Matt Reeves' vampire themed remake of Let the Right One In, entitled Let Me In, have just hit the interwebs; and we have them all for you here in one neat little spot! Check them all out below. Well, except for the one on IMDB. You have to go there to watch it since they haven't learned the magic of the embed code yet.

More Viral Let Me In Goodness!

More viral shenanigans are taking place over on the official Let Me In website, and from what we hear, you code breakers out there will be handsomely rewarded for your brain-teasing skills! To get started, just hit up the Let Me In website and let us know what you find. If you find anything at all! *cues spooky music*

First TV Spot - Let Me In

The first television spot for Matt Reeves' new child vampire chiller Let Me In has appeared, and we have it here for you free of all those other more boring ads. Look for the film in theatres on October 1st. Synopsis

Is Summit Keeping the Twilight Franchise Going with Bree Tanner Spin-Off?

Anyone's who's surprised by this news hasn't been paying attention. The Twilight Saga is winding down with only its two Breaking Dawn installments left. Did you think Summit would let it go just like that? Of course not -- if you believe the Internet rumor that Stephenie Meyer’s book The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - released in March - is headed to the big screen.

UPDATE: First Let Me In Clip Hidden Online?

So we've been tipped off that the first official clip for Matt Reeves' new child vampire chiller Let Me In is hidden somewhere on the official Let Me In website. We've got a few directions for you. Time to play detective! Apparently the clue to the clip's whereabouts is hidden somewhere within the red band trailer below. The tip was as follows: "Head to Owen's playhouse, the writing's on the wall." Pretty cryptic, no? Good luck, and let us know what you find below via our comments section.

New French Let Me In Poster Draws Blood

Say what you want about the movie itself, the poster art for Matt Reeves' upcoming remake of Let the Right One In, titled Let Me In, has been extremely cool, and this latest French one-sheet is no different.

Another New Let Me In Image Shows off More of Chloe Moretz as the Vampire Abby

And the PR wheel for Matt Reeves' Let Me In keeps right on turning as another new still from the flick has made its way online.

Richard Jenkins Featured in New Let Me In Image

Remake or not, I was pretty much sold on Matt Reeves' Let Me In once the fabulous Richard Jenkins signed on to portray young Abby's "father", and finally we have a still from the film featuring the Oscar nominee himself.

New Images and More Await You on the Let Me In Viral Site

Okay, code crackers! Time to sharpen your puzzle-solving skills once again as the official website for Let Me In has been updated with some more viral games for you to dig on. The premise is simple. Crack a code, get a prize like a new image, etc. Up for the challenge? Look for the film in theatres on October 1st courtesy of Relativity, Hammer, and Overture Films. Synopsis

Let Me In to Open Austin's Fantastic Fest

Along with the first batch of thirteen films that have been announced for the 2010 Fantastic Fest (see them here), we now know what movie will be playing opening night: Matt Reeves' Let Me In.