Chillerama, Wrong Turn 4, True Blood, The Walking Dead, and More Win 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards

Back in March the nominees were announced for the 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards, and now the winners have been named. We're happy to report there are lots of horror projects among them so read on for the details!

Winners of the 10th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Announced

The winners of the 10th Annual Rondo Awards have been announced, and we have the full list of winners! Before we continue, we at Dread Central would like to say how honored we are to have been named Best Horror Website for the third consecutive year. We humbly thank you.

Vote for the 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards

Consumer voting for the 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards has begun. HMM, you may recall, has been our partner in crime for the Reaper Awards over the past few years. Along with the typical categories of Best Theatrical, Best Direct-to-Video, Best Current TV Show, and lots more, they also have a Best Horror category.

Adam Green Opens Up Behind-the-Scenes Treasure Trove for Hatchet Fans

With a new show for FEARnet on its way in the form of "Holliston" and a myriad of other projects cooking, director Adam Green recently opened up a behind-the-scenes gallery on his Facebook page to share some of the coolness that goes on when he's shooting his flicks.

Cult Movie Mania Announces the Weekly 'Screaming Cinema Series' in Tampa, FL

Okay, Southwest Florida horror fans, this is your chance to show your love for the wild world of cult film as CultMovieMania.com brings a NYC 42nd Street Grindhouse vibe to Tampa, Florida, with the debut of its weekly Screaming Cinema Series on Thursday, February 9th.

Uncle Creepy's Blu Christmas Buyers Guide 2011!

The weather outside isn't the only thing that's frightful as we have compiled a list of the year's best and worst Blu-ray packages for you or the horror fan on your holiday shopping list! Being that you can score a player for way less than 200 bucks now, there's little reason not to upgrade to the glorious world of high definition horror. Read on to find out where the smart money is!

The Man Behind the Beast Mock-Doc Rears its Head! A Look at Werebears' Anton Troy

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Chillerama's Anton Troy and promised to release his anticipated mockumentary, which will surely extend the fun of the Chillerama experience. The moment is now – Dread Central is ready to exclusively premiere the project Anton’s been working on for the last two months with co-creator and friend Roy Tighe.

Chillerama (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Richard Riehle, Corey Jones, Kaili Thorne, Ray Wise, Joel David Moore, Ron Jeremy Directed by Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan

Exclusive Interviews with Chillerama's Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Kristina Klebe

Last night we hit the Dark Delicacies signing for the November 29th release of anthology film Chillerama and while there chatted with Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) and Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom, Wrong Turn 2), two of the flick’s four directors (Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan round out the directorial posse), as well as actress Kristina Klebe to get the skinny on the debut as well as their upcoming projects.

The Man Behind the Beast: I Was a Teenage Werebear's Anton Troy

With the highly anticipated horror comedy anthology Chillerama finally hitting Blu-ray and DVD this week and his top-secret mockumentary about to exclusively premiere on Dread Central very soon, hot up-and-coming actor Anton Troy surely has a lot of things to talk about. As a result we're excited to present our exclusive interview with the star of Tim Sullivan’s segment of Chillerama, "I Was A Teenage Werebear".

Win Tickets to A Very Green and Lynch Christmas in Austin, Texas!

In Austin, Texas and looking to take part in the mayhem that will be A Very Green and Lynch Christmas? Well you're in luck because we have your chance to win tickets to the event on us and officially be one of the cool kids helping to keep Austin weird!

Dark Delicacies Hosts Chillerama Signing Event

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside again. Just when you thought the Chillerama nightmare was a thing of the past, the freakshow rears its ugly head once again! In a very special, one-night only event, the cast and crew of Chillerama will be signing copies of the Blu-ray/DVD at Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank on November 29th. Oh the humanity...

Chillerama Roadshow Heading Into Final Stop

It's been quite a ride for the boys of Chillerama on the rolling freakshow. For the past three months moviegoers from coast to coast have been treated to theatrical screenings of Chillerama as the Roadshow cruised on from one weekend to the next. But unfortunately, like all good things, the Chillerama Roadshow must also come to an end. She pulls into her final stop, Madison, Wisconsin, on Friday, November 18. And it's a freebie!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Chillerama on Blu-ray or DVD

It's coming, folks, and man, is it gonna be sticky when it gets here! Chillerama is locked and loaded for a home video release, and we have your shot to win a copy on either Blu-ray or DVD!

In Austin, Texas? Then Get Ready to Celebrate a Very Green and Lynch Christmas!

Adam Green and Joe Lynch are filmmakers that give. Of course sometimes they end up giving you stuff that sends you to your doctor for regular treatments for the burning and itching, but damnit, they're generous! If you're in the Austin, Texas, area, they're ready to spread a bit more cheer (and other things) your way!