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Chiller TV Announces Airdates for Dead Souls and The American Scream

This October, Chiller TV gets into the Halloween spirit with two all-new premieres: original movie Dead Souls (Friday, October 12, at 9pm) and original documentary The American Scream (Sunday, October 28, at 8pm).

Dread Central Visits the Set of Chiller's Dead Souls

Recently Dread Central was lucky enough to travel to the quiet town of Canterbury, Connecticut, to visit the set of the upcoming Chiller original production Dead Souls. The film, scheduled to hit the television airwaves in October, was directed by Colin Theys and boasts the one and only Bill Moseley amongst the impressive cast.

Exclusive Motion Comic Prequel - Humans Versus Zombies

Sometimes it starts with a twitch here, maybe a flutter there. It can happen both instantaneously or take its sweet time. No matter what, though, when the dead rise, things get brutal! In anticipation of the May 22nd Blu-ray and DVD release of Humans Versus Zombies, we now have an exclusive motion comic for you to dig on that starts at the beginning.

The Shout! Factory Digs Up Steve Niles' Remains

Finally Chiller TV's presentation of Steve Niles' zombie saga Remains is rotting its way home complete and uncut. Know what that means? More undead carnage! Oh, how we love that kind of stuff!

Dead Souls Casting Starting to Take Shape

Some quick and cool possible casting news has hit the interwebs today for the next original production from the Chiller TV Network, "Dead Souls". Read on for the latest on who may be sending small screen shivers down your spine!

Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies Premieres March 11th on Chiller TV

Earlier this year we mentioned that Chiller TV has a new special entitled "Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies" heading our way, and it's actually almost here. Look for the premiere this Sunday, March 11th, at 8:00 pm.

Sink Your Teeth into the Trailer for Chiller's Ghoul

The first trailer for the Chiller TV adaptation of Brian Keene's Ghoul has arrived online, and we have it for you right here free of any gristle that could get lodged in between your teeth!

Dead Souls Coming for Chiller TV

With the success of its first television movie Remains, Chiller TV is keeping the original programming ball rolling, and some new news has just popped in for its latest project, Dead Souls.

Slamdance 2012 - Chiller's Ghoul Gets a Release Date

Having already premiered at the Slamdance 2012 Film Festival, which is happening opposite Sundance, Chiller TV's next original production, Brian Keene's Ghoul, has landed itself a release date! Read on!

Brian T. Jaynes' Humans Versus Zombies Comes Home to DVD in May

So which side will you be on? Me? I pick the zombies. As brain dead as they are, they still display and exercise more common sense than about 95% of the empowered idiots we have running this world into the ground.

Chiller TV Ramps Up Original Programming

Instead of just showing endless reruns over and over and over again, Chiller TV is finally finding its footing and is officially ramping up its original content for the new year! Between this and FEARnet, our horror channel prayers may finally be answered.

Slamdance 2012 - Chiller's Ghoul Heads to Slamdance

Another horror flick has joined Park City, Utah's other big cinema-driven attraction, Slamdance 2012, beefing up their slim horror category just a bit: Chiller TV's original film Ghoul.

Two New Promo Videos for Chiller TV's Remains; Q&A with Remains Creator Steve Niles

Did you remember to check out the online-only prequel webisode for Chiller TV's Remains entitled Remains: Road to Reno that premiered today? If not, be sure to head over to Chillertv.com and do so. But first how about a quick Q&A with executive producer Steve Niles, who also wrote the graphic novel Remains is based on? In addition, we have two new promo videos to share!

Remains: Road to Reno Online-Only Webisode Premieres on Chillertv.com December 9th

A week before the premiere of its first original movie, Steve Niles’ Remains, Chiller TV will whet viewers’ appetites for zombies with the debut of a special online-only prequel, Remains: Road to Reno. This eleven-minute webisode, produced exclusively for Chillertv.com, will debut online Friday, December 9th, and will give viewers a glimpse at the origins of Remains’ post-apocalyptic zombie invasion.

Take a Bite Out of Chiller TV's Remains

Now here's a great way to kick off your weekend! A little snack if you will! Chiller TV's upcoming zombie themed show "Remains" is on its way, and we have the first two stills right here for you to digest. Toothpick not included.