Child's Play

Chucky Doesn't Curse in First Look at Curse of Chucky

Recently a video interview surfaced with Curse of Chucky director Don Mancini in which we glimpse what looks like some sales art for the film. It bears the tagline “Be afraid. Be effing afraid.” Don't let that fool you, though; we're sure the flick is gonna deliver R-rated splendor.

The Curse of Chucky Begins Production!

Ah, Chucky! How we have missed that evil little guy! Take heart, dearest reader! Another chapter is officially on its way, and we have every current detail regarding this latest go-around with your friend till the end right here!

Suck on Your Favorite Horror Stars! Jason! Freddy! Chucky! Pinhead! The Predator!

Who hasn't watched Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, Hellraiser, and Predator and thought to themselves, "Wow. I'd really like to put them in my mouth!" Well, now you can!

The Curse of Chucky Now Casting!

The wait is over! Finally a new film starring everyone's favorite "Good Guy" is on its way, and you can read up on the first details of what to expect when he comes back to cast The Curse of Chucky on his hapless victims! Hidey ho!

Who Can Kill a Child Remake, Child's Play, in Post-Production and Headed to Cannes

The Spanish language remake of the 1976 flick Who Could Kill a Child?, known as Child's Play, will be hitting Cannes courtesy of Fox International Productions. Read on for the latest.

Two New Child's Play Projects in the Works? More Chuck for Your Buck!

It's been about a year since we last spoke of a remake of the classic Tom Holland film Child's Play, but when news comes, it comes in a big way. Apparently said flick is still in the works along with a spin-off!

Alex Vincent
 Talks Child's Play and the Upcoming Video Game

Days of the Dead II is taking place this weekend in Atlanta, and one very memorable face from my childhood is here— Alex Vincent, aka Andy in the Child's Play series. We chatted a bit about his experiences on the set of Child's Play as well as TikGames' upcoming Chucky game.

Child's Play - Spanish Language Remake of Who Can Kill a Child on its Way

Well, here's a story that no one saw coming. A Spanish language remake of the 1976 flick Who Could Kill a Child? (also known as Island of the Damned) is on its way, and we've got the first details and casting news for you right here.

Your First Look at Digital Chucky from the Upcoming Child's Play Video Game

Our amigo Jonathan over at Daily Dead just alerted us to a scan he did from an ad found in the Halloween II Blu-ray that features a first look at Chucky in video game form from the upcoming title Child's Play from TikiGames. Dig it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Random Awesomeness! Evil Dead 2! Freddy! Dexter! Living Dead Dolls! Saw! Child's Play!

Day One of the San Diego Comic-Con is just about over, and before we let you go, we have some more random imagery of things you're going to love! Sit back and get out a tissue to wipe away the drool!

New Info on the Child's Play Game and 'SURPRISE!' None of it Is Very Good

So last week when the new video game starring Chucky of Child's Play fame was announced by TikGames, fans immediately started wondering - "Would this be something good, or would it be a quick cash-in?" Well, the answer to that hasn't come yet, but more info on what to expec

Wanna Play with Chucky?

Who wouldn't want to assume the role of everyone's favorite bad Good Guy? That's right, kids, thanks to the good folks over at TikGames, you're gonna get your chance to don his little red sneakers and go on a digital killing spree!

Child's Play Remake Finally Moving?

Some interesting Child's Play rumors have reared their head online that just might usher in the return of everyone's favorite potty-mouthed redheaded, murderous doll.

Don Mancini Talks Child's Play Reboot

It's been a while since last we heard any rumblings of the proposed remake or reboot or reimagining or whatever they want to call it nowadays to try and quell the fury of the fans, but alas franchise creator Don Mancini has taken a few moments to shed some light on things ... Especially just what the hell it's going to be when it finally does come out.

Burger King Goes Horror!

You're all too familiar with him. The creepy Burger King peering out from behind the cold, dead eyes of his trademark mask. This story is not about him, but he should be starring in his own horror film, damnit!