Sink Your Teeth Into Some New Images from Chawz

Wanna get a better look at the creature from the Korean nature-run-amok terror-fest known here in the States as Chawz? Of course you do! Why else would you be here? Our boyish charm?

Magnet Releasing Acquires Korean Film Chaw and Renames It Chawz

Most of us may have dodged a bullet when it comes to the latest outbreak of swine flu, but thanks to Magnet Releasing ... no one can escape the rampaging piece of living Korean pork now known as Chawz!

Event Report: The New York Asian Film Festival 2010

The New York Asian Film Festival came and went in a flash this year (July 15-24), and shortly after I was buried in the San Diego Comic-Con planning avalanche. Now I get to take a two-minute break and give you a rundown of the films I caught from the show, most of which will be released by Sushi Typhoon and Media Blasters ...

Gore Soaked Preview: The New York Asian Film Festival 2010

The New York Asian Film Festival is set to light the tiny island of Manhattan aflame with a hefty selection of mind blowing Asian films you won’t see anywhere else this June 25th to July 8th, and we've got the skinny on what to expect!

More Chaw Images Rampage Online

Still worried about the Swine Flu? Then you may want to stay far away from the rampaging piece of living Korean Pork known simply as ... Chaw! Dig it!

Final Chaw Poster Revealed

The final poster for the Korean giant pig flick Chaw showed up online today. It's rather small, but a higher res version should be available soon.

Worse Than Swine Flu! Meet Chaw!

Just when you thought it was safe to eat pork comes the trailer for the Korean giant pig flick Chaw! This thing is set to get revenge for every sliver of bacon EVER consumed!

Fine Cut Helps Chaw

It’s not a huge update, but typing the word “chaw” is a helluva lot of fun so I’ll take what I can get. Variety is reporting this morning that Korean sales outfit Fine Cut has jumped on board the Seoul/San Francisco-shot horror/comedy Chaw to get the film out there and find some distribution.

Korea Attacked by Mutant Boar!

Word came down today via Twitch about a new giant animal movie that we’re definitely going to be keeping our eyes out for; it’s called Chaw and is coming at us straight outta Korea, yo. That’s a dope place for horror these days, hommie.