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Explore the Origins of Prometheus in Latest Featurette

Prometheus. Prometheus. Prometheus. Every time we turn around, there's something new somewhere out there for Ridley Scott's Prometheus. All we can say is the eventual Blu-ray had better be LOADED!

New Prometheus TV Spot Has an Agenda

If watching the Alien movies has taught us anything, it's that big corporations always have some sort of nefarious greed-fueled agenda. According to the latest TV spot for Prometheus, things haven't changed very much! Dig it!

It's Official! Prometheus Gets an R Rating

Thank the movie gods ... or more specifically thank the powers that be at 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott for sticking to their guns when it comes to the release of the highly anticipated Prometheus. Read on for the latest details.

Inquisitive New Prometheus Still

After months of silence the 17,432nd picture from the same scene in Ridley Scott's Prometheus has landed online, and as always you can find it right here ... repetition be damned!

Prometheus Rated R?

There's been a lot of discussion over what Ridley Scott's Prometheus will be rated by the time it hits theatres in June. Though nothing official has been said either way, a pre-sold movie ticket shows an R rating.

More Prometheus Madness: New Stills + Audio Puzzles = Geek Heaven

As a means to stay on top of all the goodies floating around for Ridley Scott's Prometheus today, we've decided to combine three new stories into one snazzy little place that you can dig on for a while. Ready, set, GO!

Another Prometheus Featurette Created

Remember the days just a few months ago when we couldn't even get a whisper of concrete Prometheus news? Well those days are long gone as yet another behind-the-scenes video for Ridley Scott's Prometheus has arrived. Check it out!

Three Minutes of Prometheus Goodness! Tons of New Footage!

In space everyone can hear fanboys squeal. Especially after the release of the international launch trailer for Ridley Scott's highly anticipated new film, Prometheus. Get yourself a bottle of Red Bull and a box of tissues. Then enjoy!

A Quick Behind-the-Scenes Look at Prometheus

It's been a couple of days and you know full well what that means ... that's right! Time for another behind-the-scenes look at the highly anticipated new film from director Ridely Scott, Prometheus.

Prometheus Viral Madness Continues

And the 7,000 different viral campaigns for Ridley Scott's upcoming film Prometheus keep right on delivering the extras! On tap for you today we have a new David 8 one-sheet and the latest vehicle schematic.

Meet David in the Third Viral Video from Prometheus

A brilliant new viral video has hit the Interwebs today in support of Ridley Scott's new film, Prometheus. Perfectly understated, incredibly foreboding, and quietly chilling, this is the goods, kids! Check it out!

Ridley Scott Promises Prometheus Theatrical Release Will be His Director's Cut

We were waiting for the official word on just what Prometheus will be rated, and while that hasn't comes just yet, some other good news has. Read on for the details.

Lots of New Prometheus Goodies Courtesy of Verizon

Verizon of all companies has teamed with Fox to present the Prometheus: Mission Connect mini-game which when played ends up unlocking all sorts of cool imagery. Speaking of which ...

UPDATED: First Look at the Prometheus and the Med Pod 720i

Yes, we've already seen trailers and dozens of images, but now you're about to get your very first look at the USCSS Prometheus herself thanks to the good folks at Weyland Industries who are working hard to ensure a brighter tomorrow!

Prometheus App Yields More Eye Candy

Have you been messing around with the Facebook app Starmap UK, which will produce for you stills from Ridley Scott's Prometheus, this week? If you did, then you've already seen this latest bit of eye candy. However, for the rest of you...