Charles Manson

Exclusive: Documentarian Olivia Klaus Talks Life After Manson at Tribeca 2014

The 25-minute documentary short Life After Manson premiered during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, and with the 45th anniversary of the Manson Family killings having just passed, we thought now was a good time to share our interview with the film's director, Olivia Klaus.

Ghostly Activity at Recent Charles Manson Murder Scene Seance

Charles Manson. His name will live in infamy long after we're all dead and gone, and with good reason... the evil that this man is responsible for is as brutal as it is reprehensible. Apparently some of that negative energy is still lingering...

NBC Gives a Series Order to Aquarius Starring David Duchovny

For those of us wondering what David Duchovny will be doing once his Showtime series "Californication" comes to an end, the answer has come today; and it involves NBC and Charles Manson! Read on for the details.

Rob Zombie and Bret Easton Ellis to Tell the Story of The Manson Murders

You want to talk about a perfect match? Then dig on this... Rob Zombie is teaming with American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis to tell the story of one of the most infamous homicides the world has ever known.