Charlene Amoia

How I Met Your Mother's Charlene Amoia Ready to Confront Nefas: The Wicked

Charlene Amoia ("How I Met Your Mother," American Reunion) will star in a new horror film for Zoe and Pebbles Productions in association with Mulberry Street Films, LLC, entitled Nefas: The Wicked, a haunted house tale based on true events. Of course!

Vitals Interview Series Part 5: Director Marc Morgenstern

Vitals is a new claustrophobic horror movie from director Mark Morgenstern. The film stars Christopher Showerman as Richard Carsen, a man who’s trying save his on-the-rocks marriage by taking his wife on vacation to India. Unfortunately, he winds up on ice and about to be harvested for his organs.

Vitals Interview Series Part 4: Kalex Reno

Vitals tells the harrowing tale of a man (Christopher Showerman) who is kidnapped while on vacation in India. He wakes up in an abandoned motel room in a tub of ice with a kidney missing. Little does he know, it’s his heart his captors want next...

Vitals Interview Series Part 3: Christopher Showerman

Although Christopher Showerman is a very fit actor (having swung from a vine wearing only a loincloth and muscles in the George of the Jungle sequel, to mention just one rather physical role), he spends most of his time in the new horror movie Vitals unconscious, semi-conscious, and about to be knocked unconscious.

Vitals Interview Series Part 2: Sachin Mehta

So, the Pope and a Cardinal are sitting together on a cross-country flight. The Pope is doing a crossword puzzle. He turns to the Cardinal and asks, “Do you know a four-letter word for ‘woman’ that ends in U-N-T?” The Cardinal unhesitatingly says, “Aunt.” The Pope blinks and replies, “Oh yes, of course. Do you have an eraser?”

Vitals Interview Series Part 1: Charlene Amoia

Charlene Amoia of the ever-popular TV sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" had only appeared in a few episodes before we caught up with her on the set of the gory new organ-theft thriller, Vitals, far from her cushy network TV gig.

How I Met Your Mother Star Cast in Saw-esque Thriller Vitals

The Saw franchise helped kick off the so-called “torture porn” sub-genre of horror films, And whether or not you choose to accept its existence doesn’t deny that it has spawned a resurgence in the Grand Guignol.