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Telephone World Rings Up a Release Date, New Trailer, Stills, and Official Artwork

It's been over 3-1/2 years since we first heard about Ramzi Abed's suspenseful and mind-bending film Telephone World, but now that it's being released in July by Cinema Epoch, we've hit the mother lode with new stills, artwork, trailer, and more!

Watch the First Ten Minutes of Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

We've been talking about Ramzi Abed's Telephone World for quite some time, and we now have the chance to see the first ten minutes, which are primarily in the form of the opening titles of the film with original music by The Bystanders. Abed promises the entire film will be premiering soon.

A Clip and New Still from Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

Filmmaker Ramzi Abed's reality horror film Telephone World is nearing completion, and he has provided Dread Central readers with a clip of what he considers a pivotal moment. He advised, "Turn out the lights, and turn it up. It's a piece of the mood and magic of the film... Everything that happens in it is 100% real."

Official Teaser Debut and More Details on Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

It was just about a year ago when we first heard about writer/director Ramzi Abed's latest project, Telephone World, and now we have an update for you along with the official teaser trailer.

Enter Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

In the world of experimental filmmaking, one name keeps popping up: indie auteur Ramzi Abed. Today Ramzi dropped us a line about yet another new project he's working on, Telephone World, which the writer/director describes as both intense and quite special.