Chad Lindberg

Supernatural's Chad Lindberg Serves as Guest Investigator on This Week's Ghost Adventures

On The CW's "Supernatural" actor Chad Lindberg played fan favorite "Ash", one of the people who helped the Winchesters take down ghosts and demons. This Friday Lindberg is going to try his hand at the real thing.

Tired of Vampires That Are Cool and Super Sexy? Meet Sven ... Vampire Blogger

I suppose you can have too much of a good thing. At some point you reach your limit of vampires being totally superior to us. Oozing sexuality with inhuman strength and the uncanny ability to bed down anyone they choose, vampires can become a bit annoying with their superiority complexes. Fortunately there's a cure for all of that. Gorehounds, meet Sven ... The Uncool Vampire Blogger.

Exclusive: Dread Central Hits the Red Carpet Premiere of I Spit on Your Grave

With Cinetel Films’ remake of the infamous 1978 rape-revenge film I Spit on Your Grave hitting theaters unrated on October 8th courtesy of the rather ballsy Anchor Bay Entertainment, this writer hit the film's red carpet premiere last night in Hollywood, CA, and brought back some ocular candy as well as interviews with some of the principals...and a rather interesting bit of news.