Chad Coleman

The Walking Dead: Lennie James Talks Playing Morgan; Other Cast Members Talk the Season 3 Finale that Could Have Been

While we wallow in zombie-less misery until "The Walking Dead" returns, here are a video featuring Lennie James reminiscing about his two appearances as Morgan and some info on the original Season 3 finale.

Bite-Sized Walking Dead Season 4 News: New Regulars! Andrea Returning?

There's nothing too earth-shattering to report here, but since you guys like to be kept abreast (and a leg and an arm) of just about everything that goes on in the world of "The Walking Dead," there have been a couple of smallish developments pertaining to Season 4.

Robert Kirkman Talks The Walking Dead and the Zombie Apocalypse You'll Never See

In terms of the wait for the return of AMC's "The Walking Dead," hours are ticking by like days... days are like years... Simply put, it sucks. And if those damned Mayans are right and the world ends before we can see what happens, I'm busting heads in the afterlife!

Another Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 309 - The Suicide King; Chad Coleman Talks the Challenges of Playing Tyreese

Waiting for the return of "The Walking Dead" is unbearable, but to help ease the pain, we have another look at Episode 3.09, "The Suicide King," along with some comments from Tyreese himself, Chad Coleman.

Two Beloved Characters Making Their Way to The Walking Dead Season 3

Back in June we heard some rumblings that Lennie James was open to returning to "The Walking Dead" as Morgan, whom Rick met early on in his travels, and now it looks like that is happening... along with the first appearance of another fan favorite character.