Britt Robertson Seeks Shelter Under the Dome

Some more casting news is making the rounds regarding the upcoming CBS adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome, and we have all the info that you need right here waiting for your hungry peepers.

Two More Actors Join CBS's Under the Dome Adaptation

Two more roles have been cast in the upcoming CBS adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome, and we have all the info you need right here.

First Casting News Found Under the Dome

The first actor to slide Under the Dome for Stephen King and CBS has been announced, and fans of the TV series "Supernatural" should be pretty delighted! Colin Ford, who played the young Sam Winchester, has signed on for active duty!

TCA: More Details on the CBS Adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome

Attendees of CBS’s executive session with Nina Tassler held during the winter Television Critics Association event saw a promo video for “Under the Dome” and heard from author Stephen King and screenwriter Brian K. Vaughan via a second video.

TCA: CBS Reveals Premiere Date for its Under the Dome Adaptation

The Television Critics Association's winter shindig is still under way, and today is CBS' turn to reveal what it has on its plate. Of interest to horror fans is the network's announcement of when we'll be able to see its adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome.

Bryan Singer Reviving The Twilight Zone for CBS

Given that the last couple of times "The Twilight Zone" was reinvented for television, the show(s) kind of sucked, we're not too excited about this announcement. However, we are excited by the talent behind this go-round into another dimension.

CBS Slides Under the Dome with Stephen King

For a while now there's been talk of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King joining forces to develop a TV series based on King's supernatural thriller Under the Dome for Showtime. However, the landscape has changed a bit.

Horror at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards

It isn't often that we mention the Grammys here at Dread Central, but a few genre favorites have landed nominations for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, which will be presented February 12, 2012, on CBS, and we just wanted to share the news.

Skeleton Warriors Cartoon Series Resurrected on DVD

I was a little too old for this sort of thing by the time “Skeleton Warriors” came along in 1993, but it is exactly the type of monstrous “Masters of the Universe” type of cartoon/toyline that I would have been all about as a kid. For the first time ever, all 13 episodes are headed to DVD - just in time for Christmas.

Patricia Arquette Announces Medium Cancellation

We've been a bit sporadic in our coverage of the TV series "Medium" after its first couple of years on its original home of NBC, but when word came down today that it's been canceled, we thought it worth mentioning, particularly in light of the lack of respect its current network, CBS, has demonstrated.

Medium Season Premiere to Get Its Freak On

After giving his "Medium" leading lady a brain tumor in last season's finale (no worries; she survived, as did the show in an eleventh-hour renewal this past May), fans of the series have been wondering how executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron is going to open up its seventh season, which kicks off September 24th. How does a little Freaky Friday homage sound?

Win a Trip to Harper's Island on DVD

Are you one of the many who missed out on "Harper's Island" during its television run? If so you NEED to check it out when it drops on DVD on September 8th. To make sure that you do, we're even giving away copies! See? Now you have no excuse!

Medium Prepping Night of the Living Dead Mash-Up

Now that the show has made the move from NBC to CBS, "Medium" producer Glenn Gordon Caron is ready to snaz it up a bit to encourage viewers of new lead-in "Ghost Whisperer" to stick around. To that end, he has acquired the rights to use footage from Night of the Living Dead in an upcoming episode.

Harper's Island Crashes Onto DVD

It's a shame "Harper's Island" did so poorly on TV. Truth is it's a solid little show filled with about as much violence as some R-rated films. Pretty shocking. Word of mouth just spread a little too late, and as a result the show's fanbase got to the party too late to save it from the sentenced to Saturday night Death Curse.

Is Medium Heading to CBS?

When it first premiered, I was as big a fan of "Medium" as anyone. Its balanced portrayal of psychic/medium Allison DuBois' professional and personal lives was rich and rewarding. But it started losing me in later seasons, mostly due to the fact that it began to feel a little too familiar week after week.