CBS Films

The Woman in Black UK TV Spot

Not to be outdone by CBS Films' US promo machine for the upcoming The Woman in Black, Momentum Pictures and Hammer have released a UK TV spot for the film, and of course we have it right here for your viewing pleasure!

New International One-Sheet for The Woman in Black Peers Over Your Shoulder

Who's ready to go one-on-one with La Dame En Noir? That's fancy speak for The Woman in Black, n'est–ce pas? See that? We're bitextual! Dig it!

It's Lights Out in This Latest Clip from The Woman in Black

Just hours after getting the newest one-sheet for The Woman in Black, which is shrouded in darkness, comes this latest clip from the film, entitled "Lights Out". Something tells us we're going to need a flashlight!

New One-Sheet for The Woman in Black Wants to Give You the Blues

The agonizingly long wait for one of our absolute most looked forward to movies in some time, The Woman in Black, is almost over. To tide you over until the film's release, we have a new bit of artwork that revels in shadowy darkness.

Exclusive Interview: Director James Watkins Talks Old-School Horror in The Woman in Black

British writer/director James Watkins first made his mark on the horror genre with the shocking thriller Eden Lake in 2008, after which he wrote the 2010 sequel The Descent 2. Now Watkins has returned to the genre he loves to helm the feature film adaptation of Susan Hill's classic tale The Woman in Black for CBS Films and iconic production house Hammer Films.

New The Woman in Black Featurette - Daniel Radcliffe Is Arthur Kipps

Yet another behind-the-scenes featurette for the upcoming The Woman in Black has landed online, this one entitled "Daniel Radcliffe Is Arthur Kipps", and of course we have it right here for your viewing pleasure.

Scout Taylor-Compton Punks Out on 7500

A couple of days ago we showed you the first still from Takashi Shimizu's airborne spooker 7500. Now Entertainment Weekly has released an expanded look at the picture revealing a very punky Scout Taylor-Compton. Dig it!

A Trio of New Stills from The Woman in Black

It's a good thing we're only two weeks away from the release of The Woman in Black because as much as we're looking forward to it as also how much we're trying to avoid spoilers. But that's not keeping up from checking out these three new stills that landed in our inbox today... will you do the same?

Three Kids and a Potter Featured on International One-Sheet for The Woman in Black

Who's ready for a bit of international flavor to go along with the upcoming spookshow known as The Woman in Black? Come on! Be brave! It's not like we're going to ask you to eat a live squid or something (damn you, Oldboy, for forever burning that image into our brains)!

Bad Things Happening in Latest Still From 7500

Even though we cannot see what they're all looking at, it's a safe bet that everyone in this latest still from 7500 is face-to-face with something truly bad. I mean, come on, have you ever seen Turtle from "Entourage" scared of anything?!?

New Clip From The Woman in Black Heads Inside Her Bedroom

Yet another clip from The Woman in Black is here for the curious to dig upon, but we ain't watching. We're trying desperately to save all our chills for the theatre experience. Still, if you just can't wait ...

TV Spot #4 - Never Forgive - Arrives for The Woman in Black

Ready for a new TV spot for one of our most anticipated films of 2012, The Woman in Black? We're pretty sure you'd "Never Forgive" us if we didn't share it, so here it is!

The Woman in Black New Vintage Artwork and Featurette

There's no denying the vintage art of Hammer Films has given us many reasons to have next to no wall space around these parts, and we love 'em for it! Recently the studio that the monsters built released a new bit of artwork for The Woman in Black that tried to recapture that signature ocular magic. Dig it right here along with a new featurette!

The Woman in Black Says Happy Friday the 13th with a New Behind-the-Scenes Featurette and Signs Your House Is Haunted

Non-believers and paraskevidekatriaphobics, beware! Today is indeed Friday the 13th, and in celebration of this creepy, horror-filled holiday, the team behind The Woman in Black have shared with us a new behind-the-scenes look at what goes into "Creating a Classic Ghost Story". In addition they've put together a Tumblr page giving you all the tell-tale clues that your place is, shall we say, "occupied" by spirits!

First Clip from The Woman in Black Creeps Up On You

Trailers. One-sheets. Pictures. Thus far we've seen a plethora of goodies in promotion of The Woman in Black. Now the parade of clips officially begins. Hopefully they won't release too many. This is one flick we don't wanna feel like we've seen already once it hits theatres.