Have an Awakening with Three Clips, Several Stills, and More from Under the Dome Episode 2.08

We're not sure what to think now that so much of the action is moving outside the Dome in CBS's "Under the Dome." Doesn't that negate the title of the show? In any event, here's a sneak peek of what's ahead in Episode 2.08, "Awakening."

Clips, Stills, and More from Under the Dome Episode 2.07 - Going Home

Are we really only halfway through Season 2 of "Under the Dome"? Well, in any event, if you're still sticking with it like we are, here are some goodies to get you ready for Episode 2.07, "Going Home." We have stills, a pair of clips, and even the ep's preview.

Try to See 'In the Dark' with these Stills and Preview of Under the Dome Episode 2.06

I may well be the last DC staffer still watching "Under the Dome," but, just like when driving by a train wreck, I can't help myself. If you're in the same boat, here's a peek at Episode 2.06, "In the Dark."

#SDCC14: See the Under the Dome Comic-Con Panel and Get a Sneak Peek of Episode 2.05 - Reconciliation

Yesterday we brought you the highlights of the "Under the Dome" panel held during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, and now we have a six-part video of the cast and crew discussing what's in store for the rest of this season and beyond.

New Video Explores the Stunts of Under the Dome

"Under the Dome" doesn't scrimp when it comes to stunts, and in this new video released by CBS today, series star Mike Vogel and his stunt double, Remington Steele, reveal how they pull off some of the biggest ones on the show.

This Pair of Clips from Under the Dome Episode 2.04 Offer a Revelation

In what's becoming a late Friday afternoon tradition, CBS has released some sneak peeks of the upcoming Episode 2.04 of "Under the Dome," entitled "Revelation." Check 'em out to see how the folks of Chester's Mill handle it when things go from bad to worse.

CBS Reveals the Preview of Under the Dome Episode 2.04 - Revelation

Yesterday we posted several stills from the upcoming Episode 2.04 of "Under the Dome," entitled "Revelation," and now we're back with the ep's preview. If you're like us and can't stop watching no matter how silly the show gets, read on!

New Stills from Under the Dome Episode 2.04 Are a Revelation

While we don't have the preview or any clips to share just yet, several stills have arrived from "Under the Dome" Episode 2.04, "Revelation," which you can check out right here. Stay tuned for more soon!

Venture Under the Dome to Meet the Town Barber and See the Creation of Chester's Mill

We're just a few hours away from the premiere of "Under the Dome" Episode 2.03, "Force Majeure," and to help you fill the time, CBS has released a pair of new videos: "Meet the Town Barber" and "Creating Chester's Mill."

A Trio of Clips Slip in Under the Dome for Episode 2.03 - Force Majeure

While we wait to learn more about Season 2 of "Under the Dome" during the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel on July 24th, we still have Episode 2.03, "Force Majeure," to get through, and a trio of sneak peeks from the ep have arrived.

See the Preview and a Slew of Stills from Under the Dome Episode 2.03 - Force Majeure

When Dwight Yoakam was announced as a guest star on this season of "Under the Dome," we were surprised but intrigued, and the first set of stills showing him in character as Lyle, the town barber, have arrived.

Go Behind the Scenes of the Artwork Featured on Under the Dome

"Under the Dome" returns tonight with Episode 2.02, "Infestation," but instead of the usual sneak peeks, we have something a bit different: a behind-the-scenes look at Jack Bender's paintings that are featured on the show.

See a Pair of Clips from Under the Dome Episode 2.02 - Infestation

An "Infestation" is rarely a good thing, but maybe once you're located "Under the Dome," it has a different meaning. Check out these two sneak peeks of Episode 2.02 to see if they provide any clues.

Get Infected by these Stills and Preview of Under the Dome Episode 2.02 - Infestation

The Season 2 premiere of "Under the Dome" was last night's top program and so far ranks as the summer's most-watched and highest-rated scripted program in adults 18-49, and we have a look at Episode 2.02, "Infestation," right here.

New Graphic Reminds Us of Under the Dome's Characters' Connections

A little hazy on who's related to whom and who's living and dead in Chester's Mill after the town has been "Under the Dome" for the equivalent of two weeks? With the Season 2 premiere just a day away, this character map that shows everyone's connections arrived at the perfect time!