The Complete Funko ReAction Figures Horror Checklist; With Images!

Reaction Jaws

PREDATOR Unmasked Predator (Closed Mouth) Unmasked Predator (Open Mouth) Invisible Predator Masked Predator Entertainment Earth Exclusive Glow Version Predator Toys R Us Exclusive Thermal Predator Arcade Predator San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Invisible Predator ALIEN – SERIES 1 The Alien Ripley… Continue Reading


An American Werewolf in London Fans Finally Getting the Collectible They Crave!


People of Geektopia, especially those in the province of Horrorgoria… we have suffered. For years now, we’ve been given all manner of horror collectibles off our wish lists, from Lost Boys to hordes of Gremlins to giant Kaiju with glowing… Continue Reading


See a Preview of Sideshow’s Jason Voorhees – Legend of Crystal Lake Premium Format Figure


On Thursday, July 30th, pre-orders will open for Sideshow’s incredible Jason Voorhees – Legend of Crystal Lake Premium Format Figure, and they’ve released a new preview video to get you even more excited about it. The slasher from Crystal Lake… Continue Reading