Sitges 2016 Interview: Miguel Ángel Vivas Talks Inside


Remakes. Revamps. Rehashes. That’s virtually all we seem to be hearing of late, especially when it comes to horror. The latest to receive said remake treatment is Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s revered home invasion shocker Inside, although the helmer gallant enough… Continue Reading


Halloween II (1981) 35 Years Later – A Worthy Companion Piece to the Original or Not? Part 1 of 2: The Original


John Carpenter’s original 1978 theatrical version of Halloween is best viewed as a singular work rather than part of the franchise it spawned. Beginning with Halloween II, that first film’s elements became more and more tainted as the series went… Continue Reading


Interview: John Jarratt Talks Returning to Wolf Creek for the Small Screen


Based on real-life events, Greg McLean’s original Wolf Creek introduced us to the churlish, wise-cracking, murderous psychopath, Mick Taylor, as he wreaked havoc on “woeful bloody tourists” in the Australian Outback. The movie went on to achieve global box office success and garnered a… Continue Reading


Chase Williamson, Brea Grant and Graham Skipper Take us Beyond the Gates


Technology, especially that of a gaming kind, is advancing like there’s no tomorrow, and chances are that this generation’s kids will be oblivious to the true inspiration behind Jackson Stewart’s directorial debut Beyond the Gates (review). The real lifeblood for… Continue Reading


Why I Was More Excited for The Woods than a New Blair Witch

Blair Witch

In a near decade-long, industry-wide edict of IP-driven filmmaking, where branding and synergistic endeavors based off decades-old stories are exploited for high payoff with little to no consideration given to individual artistic expression and innovation, horror has, curiously, remained a… Continue Reading


CoD XP 2016: Interview with Brian Bright, Design Lead for Zombies in Spaceland

zombies in spaceland

I’ve always had a hard time keeping up with the Zombies franchise. Never mind the difficulty and layers upon layers of secrets. I ain’t no scrub. It’s more the ticket price for entry. You not only have to buy multiple… Continue Reading