Why I Was More Excited for The Woods than a New Blair Witch

Blair Witch

In a near decade-long, industry-wide edict of IP-driven filmmaking, where branding and synergistic endeavors based off decades-old stories are exploited for high payoff with little to no consideration given to individual artistic expression and innovation, horror has, curiously, remained a… Continue Reading


CoD XP 2016: Interview with Brian Bright, Design Lead for Zombies in Spaceland

zombies in spaceland

I’ve always had a hard time keeping up with the Zombies franchise. Never mind the difficulty and layers upon layers of secrets. I ain’t no scrub. It’s more the ticket price for entry. You not only have to buy multiple… Continue Reading


Interviews with Cast of Fight of the Living Dead; What YouTube Red Means for the Future of Content Creators


In the world of subscription streaming services, the market is dominated by the big three: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Networks like HBO, CBS, and Starz have all taken stabs at delivering content on their own specific digital platforms but… Continue Reading


Call of Duty: Zombies Comic Run Promises Easter Eggs, Deeper Look Into Zombies Universe

call of duty zombies (1)

I’ve never really jumped on the Call of Duty hate bandwagon. I get the general distaste for yearly releases with bloated DLC price tags, but the ubiquitous disdain for the quickscoping 12 year olds screaming racial slurs into their microphones… Continue Reading


Top 5 Horror Cartoons that Need to Make a Comeback!


3. Gargoyles Making its debut a week before Halloween in 1994, “Gargoyles” was immediately something different. Hard to believe a series that thrives on deep storytelling set on the heels of Goth culture came from Disney?! Then again, have you… Continue Reading


For Art’s Sake: Interview with Team Nilo; Why Asemblance Is My Art Game of the Year


As you could tell from my review, I was a pretty big fan of Asemblance. This is rare for me. I like indie art games conceptually, but in practice I find them to be full of more shit than a… Continue Reading


Editorial: Why Ingrate Fanboys Need to Let Go of Territorialism (and Why Hellraiser: Judgment Might Be Awesome)

Pinhead and the Auditor

Charlize Theron in a Mad Max film? A rebooted Ghostbusters flick with an all-female cast? A Rocketeer sequel with an African-American woman in the lead? Say it isn’t so! It’s time to assemble the villagers and lay siege with pitchforks… Continue Reading


13 Films That Prove We Were Right to be Scared of the Dark

Lights Out

4) The Omega Man (1971): Say what you will about Christ figures, The Omega Man gets it right. The world is full of heathens who turn their back on civilization for the dark? They shun technology and live in the… Continue Reading


Is Godzilla ’98 Really All That Bad?


With the release of Independence Day: Resurgence nearly upon us, everyone is looking back on its predecessor with fond memories.  There is no denying the legacy of Roland Emmerich’s alien invasion blockbuster as a beloved cult classic; it’s a cornerstone of modern science… Continue Reading