Cassie Fliegel

Aliens vs. Avatars (2011)

Starring Cassie Fliegel, Dylan Vox, Kim Argetsinger, Jason Lockhart, Victoria De Mare Directed by Lewis Schoenbrun

Aliens vs. Avatars Schedule Their Smackdown for September

Amok alien monster loose in the woods on Earth, blue-skinned extraterrestrial female sent to stop it, retro robot sidekick, partying teens, bikini babes, buckets of blood: Aliens vs. Avatars already sounds better than Skyline.

Aliens vs. Avatars Trailer Brings the Blue Cheese

A few weeks back we brought you the mind-blowing trailer for the zero budget superhero spoof The Amazing Bulk. While that film still seeks distribution, the filmmaker's next b-movie bonanza already has a trailer. It's not an April Fools Day prank. It's Aliens vs. Avatars, folks!