Cary Fukunaga

Re-Adaptation of Stephen King's It Finds a New Home at New Line

Previously planned to be a Warner Bros. production, we've just gotten word that the long-awaited re-adaptation of Stephen King's classic story It is headed to a new home, and we've got all the latest for ya today. So quit clownin' around and read on!

Cary Fukunaga Still Working on New Adaptation of Stephen King's It

Back in 2012 a remake/re-adaptation of Stephen King's It was on the table with Cary Fukunaga attached to direct. Fukunaga has since gone on to impress with HBO's "True Detective," for which he directed every Season 1 episode. Is a date with Pennywise still in the filmmaker's future?

Warner Brothers Splits Stephen King's It in Two; New Writer / Director Found!

Let's face it; trying to cram all of the horrors of Stephen King's It into one film is a herculean task that was kind of doomed from the get-go. So much would be lost. Thankfully cooler heads have prevailed over at Warner Bros. Read on for details.