Carl Lindbergh

AFM 2013: There's a Bunnyman Massacre on the Horizon

Once titled Bunnyman 2, the sequel to The Bunnyman is now being called The Bunnyman Massacre at AFM, and we have a quick peek at the artwork for ya! Check it out!

Sanity be Damned! Check out the Trailer for Bunnyman 2

There's something about a dude in a full-body bunny suit insanely revving a chainsaw that should be restricted to just the darkest parts of our nightmares, but the trailer for Bunnyman 2 puts that horrific image right in your face ... and then some.

Get Teased by The Bunnyman 2

In case you missed it, The Bunnyman is now available on Netflix and on DVD from Osiris Entertainment. The flick definitely falls on the lovably loony side of the fence, and a sequel is now on its way! Dare you hop to it?

The Bunnyman Hops Home in June

Here's a tip for you ... while driving anywhere it may not be a good idea to cut anyone off with your car (unless of course you wave and mystically make the intrusion into their lane okay). You just never know what kind of lunatic may be behind the wheel. See how easily trouble starts? No? Well you'll definitely see this June as the Bunnyman comes hopping home to DVD.

Beware The Bunnyman!

Bunnyman is the horrifying tale of a group of friends on their way back from a Las Vegas weekend driving through a remote southern California region that find themselves in a deadly cat and mouse game with a deranged, dump truck-driving, chainsaw-wielding cannibal in a bunny costume. And, no, it’s not a horror comedy.