Synapse Films Preps Restoration of Obscure 1983 Slasher Flick Curtains

This has got to be the best news to break all week if you're a slasher movie fan. We just learned that Synapse Films is prepping a 2k restoration of the little seen 1983 Canadian slasher gem Curtains.

Saturday Nightmares: Trapped Is a Sleazy, Backwoods Canuxploitation Tale of Vengeance

One of the challenges of writing a weekly article is picking the right subject. I didn't have much time to contemplate it this week and hadn't settled on one until Thursday evening. I knew I'd be out of luck if my choice didn't deliver, but after reading the back of the box, I figured I couldn't miss.

Master Genre Producer John Dunning Promises Return of Canuxploitation

Now here is some news that makes me positively thrilled. Any horror fan worth their salt is familiar with the fantastic work of producer John Dunning and his output of classics from the Great White North.