Poe Serving Up the Cannibalism

There's no question. We all love, appreciate, and revel in the incredibly dark body of work presented to the masses by one of the most macabre and important writers of our times, Edgar Allan Poe. But -- have you ever wondered just what would have happened if his bloodline continued?

Lynch Mob (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Michael H. Cole, Tony Darrow, Paul Borghese, Kristyn Sammons, Dolan Wilson Directed by Byron Erwin "The Sopranos" meet 2000 Maniacs... That's the best way of describing Lynch Mob, a grisly, quirky horror comedy that pits Mafia mamalukes vs. Confederate cannibals.

Staunton Hill (DVD)

Reviewed by Scott A. Johnson Starring Kathy Lamkin, Cristen Coppen, David Rountree, Kiko Elisworth, Christine Carlo, Paula Rhodes, Charlie Bodin, B.J. Hendricks Directed by G. Cameron Romero Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment

New Stills Destined to be Ingested

What's in a title? For us, I'd have to say a lot. Sofian Khan's upcoming indie zombie flick Destined to be Ingested is one that we're looking forward to big time around the Dread Central offices if only because of its clever moniker.

They Were ... Destined to be Ingested

Here at Dread Central we're notified about dozens of movies per week. Some look great, some look like shit, and some ... well, some are Destined to be Ingested!

A Refurbished Doghouse Online

Jake West's upcoming cannibal flick, Doghouse has got a brand new revamped website for you guys to check out full of stills, the trailer and other goodies.

Official Trailer for Jake West's Doghouse

After months of not hearing much about Jake (Evil Aliens) West's upcoming cannibal survival flick Doghouse, we finally got word of an official trailer thanks to Twitch Film.

MPI Nabs Cannibal Flick Gnaw

MPI Media Group has acquired the UK cannibal film Gnaw for distribution in the U.S., or so says Variety this morning. We’ve not heard a helluva lot about this one, but according to MPI vide president of acquisitions Greg Newman, “This is British horror at its most base, vile and rude; fans will love it.”

NSFW Gnaw Trailer!

Today is a good day for those of us who work in offices with very lax rules regarding what we can and cannot surf for during work hours. If you are a little unsure about what your boss thinks about torture porn and breasts, ya may wanna wait until you get home to see what awaits in the link below.

Dying Breed's Pie Man Pies!

Dying Breed (review), the Australian horror pic about a family of flesh eating descendants of The Pie Man, is hitting theatres Down Under on November 6th. It will be released in U.S. cinemas next year as part of After Dark Horrorfest III so you'll be seeing just how sick it is soon enough! Thanks to Andy for sending this in!

Official Site, Cannibal Pics for The Road

Normally the launch of a film’s official site comes with, at the very least, some early production artwork. Such is not the case for The Road, John Hilcoat’s adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel, but more has been found that should make up for its lack of content.

Early Art for Gens' Vanikoro

Earlier today the folks over at Filmsactu got their hands on some preliminary product

Trailer for Jake West's Doghouse!

An early trailer for Jake West’s latest horror outing, Doghouse, showed up online recently, and it’s about time you guys dug upon it, don’t you think? I do, too.

Ruggero on Cannibals, Natas

Ruggero Deodato has been all over the place in the last year or so, showing up at convention after convention to be hounded by fans of Cannibal Holocaust. Only recently did he start talking about directing again, a Holocaust companion piece called simply Cannibals, which he gave an update on this weekend.

Skinned Alive (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Joshua Nelson, Melissa Bacelar, Alan Rowe Kelley, Jack Dillon Directed by James Tucker Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment