Cannibal Holocaust

Rotten Cotton Reveals 11 New T-Shirts Including Cannibal Holocaust, Conan, and Vincent Price

With warmer weather comes thoughts of new summer t-shirts, and that's exactly what Rotten Cotton has for us... 11 of them in fact, featuring Cannibal Holocaust, Toxic Avenger, Krull, Conan, and the great Vincent Price.

Eat Up These Official Cannibal Holocaust Blu-ray Details

While I personally do not care to see that poor friggin' turtle in Cannibal Holocaust pointlessly slaughtered in full 1080p resolution, I know that there's a bunch of you that do. With the film hitting Blu-ray soon, we've got the skinny for ya! Dig it!

The Beyond and Cannibal Holocaust to Take a Bite Out of Blu-ray

Good news is coming in for collectors of horror on Blu-ray as the Lucio Fulci classic The Beyond (AKA 7 Doors of Death) and Cannibal Holocaust are getting set to make their high definition premiere via Grindhouse Releasing!

NSFW: 10 of History's Most Controversial Horror Films

It seems the darker, more depraved a film is, the more we genre fanatics love to discuss it. How often do we juggle dialogue about average horror films? It happens plenty, and it’s not exactly atypical, but there’re pictures that are far darker works that call our names on a much more frequent basis.

Cannibal Holocaust Assaults UK Blu-ray in New Director’s Edit w/Less Animal Death!

Here's yet another reason to upgrade to Blu-ray if ever I saw one – Director Ruggero Deodato’s highly controversial and widely acclaimed Cannibal Holocaust will soon be released in an eye-popping, high definition director's cut courtesy of the UK’s Shameless Screen Entertainment! Now where’s my wallet...

Hudson Horror Show Serves Up Killer Film Fest Menu

The peaceful Hudson River Valley is about to find itself in the middle of a holocaust or two. Hudson Horror Show III: A Tale of Two Holocausts is a film festival scheduled for May 14, 2011 at the Silver Cinemas South Hills 8 in Poughkeepsie, NY featuring a line-up of five serious heavy-hitters of horror and gore.

Horror Fest Cancer Benefit Tomorrow!

One thing I love the most about being a fan of horror is the sense of community you get when around like-minded individuals. Sure we have our disagreements on what makes for a good horror movie, but at heart we’re all fans and more than any other genre, we’re fans who have one another’s back.

Grindhouse Releasing Live

We just received a heads up from Shawn over at Rotten Cotton (who have 15 brand-new shirt designs on the way; see the first three on their MySpace page) that the official site for Grindhouse Releasing is alive!