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Preview of and First Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.05 - The Killer

Something new in Mystic Falls this week... a hostage crisis with the Salvatores fighting about how to solve it! I kid, but "The Vampire Diaries" is feeling a bit recycled. Will Episode 4.05, "The Killer," be able to reverse the trend? Here are a preview and clip that offer some clues.

Image Gallery for The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.05 - The Killer

This week on "The Vampire Diaries" we'll be meeting "The Five," but next week's Episode 4.05 brings "The Killer," and we have an image gallery to whet your appetites right here.

Damon and Stefan Argue in Second Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.03 - The Rager

On "The Vampire Diaries" the more things change, the more they stay the same. The CW describes this new clip from Episode 4.03, "The Rager," as: Two brothers, one girl. Let the arguments ensue. Original, right?

Rebekah Gets the Silent Treatment in New Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.03 - The Rager

After showing you the preview and some stills earlier today, we now have a clip from the upcoming Episode 4.03 of "The Vampire Diaries," entitled "The Rager," in which Matt exhibits the time-tested art of the silent treatment to an apologetic Rebekah. Think she'll get the hint?

Preview of and a Few Stills from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.03 - The Rager

Did everyone else go through a box of Kleenex at the end of last night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries"? It was brutally emotional to reflect on everyone who's gone! But now it's time to shake off the blues and look forward to next week's "The Rager" with some stills and a preview.

Official Synopsis of The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.05 - The Killer

Tonight the second episode of Season 4 of "The Vampire Diaries" airs on The CW, but we're already looking ahead to November 8th, when Episode 4.05, "The Killer," arrives, promising hostages, disagreements, and violence. In other words, a typical day in Mystic Falls!

A Sneak Peek of The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.02 - Memorial

Finally The CW has released a clip from this week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," entitled "Memorial," and of course we have it right here along with a preview of the ep, which comes with the reminder that nobody ever said that learning to become a vampire was easy.

The Vampire Diaries: Ian Somerhalder on What's in Store for Damon in Season 4

The CW definitely saved the best for last in its series of interviews with the stars of "The Vampire Diaries" as today, finally, we have fan favorite Ian Somerhalder discussing what's in store for Damon in the new season.

The Vampire Diaries: Nina Dobrev Explains Her Transformation; Watch the Season 4 Opening Clip

With "The Vampire Diaries" Season 4 set to premiere this week on October 11th, we have one of the final interviews with the stars as Nina Dobrev explains her transformation from human to vampire, making her stronger and more independent, along with the episode's opening clip.

Official Synopsis for The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.03 - The Rager

Per usual, The CW is releasing the synopses for its regular series a few weeks in advance of their airdates, and on tap we have a look at "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 4.03, "The Rager," in which guest star Phoebe Tonkin ("The Secret Circle") makes her first appearance on the show.

Image Gallery for The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.02 - Memorial

We're not sure whom the "Memorial" in the title of Episode 4.02 of "The Vampire Diaries" is for, but the smart money says Alaric. Check out this image gallery for the ep and see if you can find any clues.

Official Synopsis for The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.02 - Memorial; Joseph Morgan Talks Season 4

"The Vampire Diaries" doesn't return until October 11th, but The CW is already looking ahead to the 18th and has released the official synopsis for Episode 4.02, "Memorial." In addition we have a video interview with Joseph Morgan talking what's in store for Klaus.

The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola on What's in Store for Caroline in Season 4

Another "The Vampire Diaries" cast interview has arrived, and now it's time to hear from Candice Accola as far as what's in store for her character, Caroline Forbes, during Season 4. Sounds like it's going to get very interesting!

Image Gallery of Promo Photos for The Vampire Diaries Season 4

A gallery's worth of promo photos have arrived for Season 4 of "The Vampire Diaries," and we have all of them right here along with a few tidbits of what we can expect when the series returns to The CW on October 11th.

The Secret Circle's Phoebe Tonkin Heading to Mystic Falls for Recurring Role on The Vampire Diaries

Considering how highly "The Vampire Diaries" executive producer Kevin Williamson always spoke of his "The Secret Circle" star Phoebe Tonkin whenever her name came up, it's no surprise that she's joining "TVD" Season 4. Read on for the details.