Canadian Filmmaker Remy Couture Charged with Corrupting Morals and Production of Obscene Materials

In some unfortunate news out of Canada, Quebec-based filmmaker Remy Couture has been charged with "corrupting morals through the distribution, possession and production of obscene materials in a case that explores the boundaries of artistic expression."

Need a Laugh? Check Out the First Trailer for My Fair Zombie

We've heard tell of this film for quite some time, but here is your first actual look at Brett Kelly's horror-musical-comedy My Fair Zombie. Check out all the grandeur, the spectacle, the… brains… right here!

Lionsgate Finds Itself Among Friends in the U.S.

Finally the Danielle Harris-directed slasher flick Among Friends (review here) has found itself some domestic distribution, and you can read on for all of the odds and ends. Dig it!

Theatrical Poster Unveiled for Horror Comedy My Fair Zombie

The theatrical poster has been revealed for director Brett Kelly's horror comedy My Fair Zombie, and he promises to have a trailer done soon as well. In the meantime he's tinkering with the sound in post, fielding festival offers, and plans to premiere the film somewhere in Canada this summer.

Among Friends Lands Canadian Home Video Distro; Read our Review

Talk about serendipity; the same day we post our review of Danielle Harris' directorial debut, Among Friends, we get word of the film being acquired by Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada for a home video release next year.

Spectacular Screening of Nosferatu Scheduled for October 5 in Montreal

To celebrate the centennial of Bram Stoker's death, Le Cinéclub: The Film Society of Montreal has an amazing screening of F.W. Murnau's classic film Nosferatu scheduled for this Friday, October 5. And that's just the beginning. Read on for the details.

Nightmares Fear Factory Proves Fear is Funny!

If there's one thing about haunted attractions that make them extra fun, it's the joy of seeing people scared shitless. If you're like us and find such a thing to be absolutely hilarious, then you are gonna love the following tidbit of spooky sass!

My Fair Zombie Wraps; Gearing Up for Festival Run

Director Brett Kelly dropped us a line today to announce that his upcoming horror comedy My Fair Zombie has wrapped and is getting set to hit the festival scene. Read on for the skinny.

Trailer Premiere for Dead Before Dawn 3D

The official trailer for the latest Zemon flick to come our way, Dead Before Dawn 3D, has arrived online, and we have every pixel of it sitting right here just waiting to melt your peepers. Dig it!

Horror Highlights of the Upcoming Canadian Film Fest

Fantasia may get most of the attention, but the Canadian Film Fest is another annual event put on by our neighbors to the north devoted to the celebration, promotion, and advancement of filmmaking - only their focus is strictly on homegrown Canadian talent.

Take a First Look a My Fair Zombie With First Teaser Trailer

If only all of the living dead could look like the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, then maybe that unavoidable zombie apocalypse we have waiting for us wouldn't be so bad.

A New Trailer Takes Us Beyond the Black Rainbow

A new trailer has come our way for Panos Cosmatos’ sci-fi thriller Beyond the Black Rainbow, and it has us both intrigued and slightly confused. Check it out!

AFM 2011: New Stills from Dead Before Dawn

Demons. Zombies. Zemons. Finally someone is speaking our language! Sit back, kids, and get ready to dig on some brand spanking new eye candy for the next undead laced filmic experience rockin' Christopher Lloyd!

UK Discovers Horrors in Hidden 3D on DVD and Blu-ray

Killer kid flicks are always a safe bet when it comes to bringing the freaky goods, but when said killer kids are also scientifically spawned mutants hungry for flesh, things get a little more icky! Cue Antoine Thomas’ Hidden 3D, coming to Blu-ray in the UK on October 10th courtesy of G2 Pictures.

Trailer and Some Nasty Stills from Josh Koffman's Dead Dreams

Following a rousing world premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival last month, director Josh Koffman keeps the Canadian genre film flame burning with his wickedly nasty thriller Dead Dreams. The film is slated to open in Canadian theatres beginning October 14th in Toronto.