Camille Keaton

Original I Spit on Your Grave Spawns Retrospective Documentary

After being followed up by an indirect sequel and then finding its head on the remake chopping block, the original I Spit on Your Grave is going to be the next horror film to receive the retrospective documentary treatment. Read on for details!

No Rest for the Wicked on the Set of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Know who else is working on Thanksgiving Day? Rob Zombie. The rocker turned filmmaker just released a holiday greeting from the set of his film-within-a-film in The Lords of Salem entitled Frankenstein Versus The Witchfinder, and we have it for you right here.

A Bit of Clarification Regarding Clint Howard's Role in The Lords of Salem

When Heather sent over the news last night about Clint Howard wrapping up a bit of filming on Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, something rang a bell about him being involved so we did a little digging back at the source of all things Zombie (i.e., his Facebook page) and saw that he had indeed mentioned Howard's involvement, although not quite as you'd expect. Read on for the details.

Ireland Bans Re-Release of the Original I Spit on Your Grave

Sigh. It seems that every time devotees of the horror genre begin to gain some headway in terms of freedom to choose what they watch, something like this comes along to remind us that the powers-that-be out there would rather make that decision for us.

Toetag Pictures' Sella Turcica to Star I Spit on Your Grave Actress Camille Keaton

Indie mavens Toetag Pictures announced their latest feature film today, Sella Turcica, along with the news that none other than the original I Spit on Your Grave's Camille Keaton will be top-lining!