Camilla Arfwedson

Exclusive Video Interviews with Doug Bradley and Declan O'Brien from the Set of Wrong Turn 5

With Americans flocking to polling stations today in the hopes of preventing a wrong turn, we thought it time to offer up the exclusive video interviews we conducted earlier this year with actor Doug Bradley and director Declan O’Brien on the set of then-shooting Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines in Bulgaria.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video from the Set of Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

With Declan O’Brien’s Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines having released to DVD and Blu-ray this past Tuesday via Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, we thought it time to bring you some more of the exclusive video we shot while on the set of the flick. Read on!

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines - Hillbilly Mash-Ups, Soundbites, and a Review to Chew On!

The Wrong Turn franchise is alive, well, and bleeding all over the place; and we have some pretty neat stuff on tap for you gore-loving fans. Read on for our verdict, several soundbites, and more!

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Doug Bradley, Roxanne McKee, Camilla Arfwedson, Simon Ginty Directed by Declan O’Brien

Win Tickets to the Screamfest L.A. Premiere of Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines TOMORROW NIGHT, OCTOBER 18TH!

As you may know, the Los Angeles premiere of Declan O'Brien's Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is happening tomorrow night (October 18th) at Screamfest 2012, and if you're in the Los Angeles area, we have FIVE (5) pairs of tickets to give away!

Three Days on the Set of Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines: Day 1

It’s May 1, 2012, when I land in Sofia, Bulgaria, for a set visit to the then-shooting Declan O’Brien written and directed flick Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, and the first thing I notice after the eleven-hour flight from Los Angeles to Munich, Germany, and the two-hour connecting flight to Sofia is the seemingly foreboding signage in the airport, which reads...

Six Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Clips Hack Their Way into Your Heart

Alrighty, kids! The home video premiere of Declan O'Brien's latest Wrong Turn flick, Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, is almost upon us; and we're hoping he keeps the blood flowing as freely as it did in the fourth entry. Check out these clips!

Celebrate the Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Blu-ray/DVD Release by Running for Your Lives in Temecula, CA

What better way to get excited about the release of Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, the newest entry in the Wrong Turn franchise, than by chugging your way through a zombie-infested 5K run? It's a good time and good for you…for those of you that survive, that is.

Official Not Safe For Work Trailer Premiere for Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Though he started off really rough with Wrong Turn 3, director Declan O'Brien knocked it out of the bloody park with 4, and after seeing the trailer for Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines? Yeah, we're totally on board!

Wrong Turn 5 Blu-ray and DVD Details Slice Their Way Online

Finally the home video release details are here for Wrong Turn 5 on Blu-ray and DVD. Read on for the skinny, or we'll give you the finger. In fact, we're just saucy enough to give you the Three-Finger. Man, that sounded dirty.

Winning Wrong Turn 5 Cover Art Unveiled!

A couple of weeks ago we gave you the chance to pick the official artwork for the Wrong Turn 5 Blu-ray and DVD. The race was close, but the results are in and we have your winner. Check it out right here, right now.

Exclusive: Wrong Turn 5 - YOU Pick the Artwork!

Wrong Turn 5 is ready to come screaming onto Blu-ray and DVD this October, and Fox is turning to YOU to pick the film's cover artwork! What're you waiting for? Let your voice be heard before Three-Finger slits your jugular!

First Wrong Turn 5: Bloodbath Artwork Keeps Its Head Up

The time is coming, kids. Before you know it, Wrong Turn 5: Bloodbath will be arriving, and after the gore-soaked funfest that last entry was, we're pretty damned excited and can't wait to see what returning director Declan O'Brien has up his sleeve!

Exclusive: Wrong Turn 5 Wraps, Extensive Photo Gallery and Update!

With writer/director Declan O’Brien’s Wrong Turn 5 having wrapped today in Bulgaria, here are an exclusive and extensive photo gallery from our set visit and an update on the production. Read on!

Full Cast Revealed for Wrong Turn 5

A couple of weeks ago we announced exclusively that Doug Bradley had joined Declan O'Brien's upcoming Wrong Turn 5. Now Fox has released the full cast list for the now shooting flick. Dig it!