Cameron Romero

Exclusive Teaser Trailer Debut - Cameron Romero's Radical

Following in his father George's footsteps, director Cameron Romero is a filmmaker with something to say; and in the new trailer for his latest film, Radical, that he sent exclusively our way, his message is loud and frighteningly clear.

Official One-Sheet and More - Cameron Romero's Radical

Don't ever say we don't work quickly when a new project hits our radar that we think is cool enough to warrant a follow-up! That's right, kids! Get ready for the first official details and artwork for Cameron Romero's Radical.

Cameron Romero is Back for More Horror with Radical

We were pretty impressed with Cameron (son of George A.) Romero's initial film, Staunton Hill, and since that flick's release we've been waiting to see what else the director has up his sleeve. Well, the cat's now out of the proverbial bag!

Staunton Hill (DVD)

Reviewed by Scott A. Johnson Starring Kathy Lamkin, Cristen Coppen, David Rountree, Kiko Elisworth, Christine Carlo, Paula Rhodes, Charlie Bodin, B.J. Hendricks Directed by G. Cameron Romero Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Staunton Hill Coming to DVD

While Papa George is out touring the world with Survival of the Dead, the younger Romero, Cameron, is set to make his filmmaking debut with Staunton Hill, which will be touching down soon courtesy of Anchor Bay.

Exclusive: First Look at Cameron Romero's Staunton Hill Trailer!

We first brought the new film from Cameron Romero (interview), Staunton Hill, to your attention a few weeks back. Since then we've been in close contact with Romero and the film's producers to get you even more info, and our perseverance has paid off in spades today; We’ve got the exclusive first look at the Staunton Hill trailer for you, only on Dread Central!

Young Romero's Staunton Hill Media Galore!

All has been very quiet in regards to Cameron Romero’s sophomore effort, Staunton Hill, since the project was first announced months and months ago. A lot has happened since then, as is evidenced by a trip over to the film’s official site.

Hope Dies & Blood Runs in Depravity

OK, we’ve all heard the scenario before. Unlucky people end up at a hellish dwelling inhabited by some psychotic family that have been killing in heinous ways, unchecked and unpunished, for who knows how long. A simple idea that has been done almost as many times as zombies.

Romero Back on Diamond Dead?

Holy crap, remember Diamond Dead? This was supposed to be Romero’s return to zombie heaven before Universal swooped in and confused matters with Land of the Dead. Romero worked on it for years but if memory serves had to choose between going forward with Land or Diamond and (unfortunately, some say) chose the former.

Romero Visits Staunton Hill

Fangoria has received word that George's son Cameron Romero has started shooting a new horror film in Pittsburgh, PA. with the help of Batpack Studios. The movie in question, Staunton Hill, is about some hitchhikers who come into contact with the less than friendly Staunton Family.

Romero, Cameron (Staunton Hill)

When we first heard the news that George Romero’s son Cameron was making a movie, needless to say we were interested. When we heard what that movie, The Screening<