Caleb Landry Jones

Jonny Lee Miller Talks Byzantium

The name Jonny Lee Miller could very well be becoming synonymous with vampire movies. Miller co-starred in Dracula 2000, is a featured player in the upcoming Dark Shadows redux, and also has Neil Jordan's Byzantium on the horizon. Read on for what he had to say about the latter.

Early Byzantium Artwork Lights Up the Night

Finally some artwork has arrived for Neil Jordan's Byzantium, and it is wonderfully devoid of floating heads and people looking pensive. See? There is a god! Check it out!

Take a Ride With the Latest Still from Byzantium

Bitten by a vampire and now spending the rest of eternity walking the Earth looking for something to do in between seducing Twilight fans and feeding? Why not go to the carnival?

First Official Look at Saoirse Ronan in Byzantium

Finally something other than paparazzi pics has surfaced online for the sisterly vampire tale Byzantium, and we've got it right here. The best part? You won't even have to worry about getting bit! Dig it!

More Byzantium Casting News Creeping In

Some late casting news is coming out of the UK for Neil Jordan's Byzantium, the new fanged thriller from the filmmakers behind Interview with the Vampire. Read on to see who else is officially on the menu.

Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral is Growing Quickly in First Still

It looks as if young Mr. Cronenberg is following nicely in his dad's footsteps, as illustrated by the first ever still from his film Antiviral. Read on for all the weird goodness the eye candy has to offer!

Casting News Spreads Out for Young Cronenberg's Antiviral

Wow, when news breaks, it happens fast! Just yesterday we told you about Brandon Cronenberg (pictured) gearing up to direct a bizarro celebrity thriller called Antiviral, and now we have more casting news locked and loaded!

David Cronenberg's Son Brandon Steps Behind the Camera for Antiviral

Here's hoping that Brandon Cronenberg is a chip off of the old and extremely disturbing block as the young man is gearing up to direct a bizarre celebrity thriller called Antiviral. Read on for details!

Caleb Landry Jones Travels To Byzantium

Neil Jordan's Byzantium is a female vampire movie with Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton cast in the leads, and today the male star has been announced.