Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Instead of a Sequel to Cabin Fever: Patient Zero a Cabin Fever Remake Is on its Way

We don't quite know what to think about this news. Back in May of last year, word was that Cabin Fever: Patient Zero would be rebooting the franchise and kicking off a new trilogy. Now things seem to have changed...

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero - Release News, Official Artwork, Stills

Alrighty, kids! If you've been waiting for the skinny on Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, then we have all the info you've been itching for! Look for the flick on VOD June 26th and in theatres on August 1st via RLJ/Image Entertainment.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Infects Image Entertainment

The latest installment in the budding Cabin Fever franchise has finally been picked up for distribution here in the States, and we have all the bloody details for ya today. Dig in, fiends!

The Thing's New Spider Head Could've Looked Like This - A Dread Central Live Clip

In this week's edition of Dread Central Live, special effects guru Vincent Guastini brought some props to the studio and showed us his interpretation of what the spider head from the new The Thing would've looked like.

Vincent Guastini Brings the Chills to Dread Central Live! Watch NOW!

The second episode of our live internet news/talk show Dread Central Live is here, featuring special effects guru Vincent J. Guastini (Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, Silent Night, Sushi Girl).

Next On Dread Central Live - FX Artist Vincent J. Guastini Talks Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and Gets Bloody!

The second episode of our live internet news/talk show Dread Central Live is on the horizon, and next week's guest will be special effects guru Vincent J. Guastini (Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, Silent Night, Sushi Girl).

Lineup Announced for 2014 Sinister Cinema Film Series

For the second year in a row, Cineplex Entertainment and Raven Banner Entertainment are teaming up to bring a series of new horror flicks to our friends up in Canada, and this year's roster includes festival faves like Cheap Thrills and The Battery.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Infects the Great White North

Though we've still got no Cabin Fever: Patient Zero release date here in the states, we recently learned that the infection will spread to the UK on March 17.

Vincent J. Guastini Offers an Inside Look at His Effects for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Hopefully your breakfast is sitting well because after seeing these latest effects shots from Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, you're likely to lose it. As for lunch... don't even bother.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Poised to Infect the UK

Attention, friends across the pond! Get out your disinfectant because Cabin Fever: Patient Zero will be spreading across the UK on March 17, 2014, from Signature Entertainment.

International Artwork and Trailer Check in for Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero

The fine fiends over at Scary-Movies.de scored themselves the international trailer and artwork for the upcoming flick Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero. Just make sure you hit the "subtitles" option on your YouTube player.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero - Chat with Star Jillian Murray and See Exclusive Clips!

Have some time to kill? Looking forward to Cabin Fever: Patient Zero? Well then, YOU are in luck! Word has just come that one of the film's stars, Jillian Murray, will be be doing a live Q&A with fans this Wednesday, June 26th, at 7 PM PT.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero to Be the First in a New Trilogy

You know we were just thinking to ourselves the other day... "You know what we need? We need Cabin Fever: Patient Zero to reboot the franchise and kick off a new trilogy!" Okay, so we weren't actually thinking that but apparently Voltage Pictures is.

Bloody Good Image from Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Okay, Hollywood. Way to make my recent bout of medical trauma look like kid stuff. Always stealing my damned thunder. I mean, just wait until you see the following image. My super-glued incisions pale in comparison.

Lydia Hearst Joins Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

More casting news has come in for the latest Cabin Fever flick in the franchise, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, and we have the skinny for you right here - hot, sticky, and with its skin peeling off.