C. Thomas Howell

The Terror Experiment Infects Blu-ray and DVD

More pissed off infected folks are running your way to take a bite out of your home theatre setup with the release of Anchor Bay's latest flick, The Terror Experiment. Read on for all the details and artwork!

Roger Corman’s Camel Spiders Marching Toward DVD and Blu-ray

Arachnophobes, beware! The latest creature feature confection from producer Roger Corman and director Jim Wynorski will be skittering its eight legs to DVD shelves this March. Save us, Brian Krause! Save us, C. Thomas Howell! Save us from these big mutant Camel Spiders!

The Devil's Dozen Prepping to Kill Each Other

More news of new flicks coming out just in time for this year's AFM. While we're void of any eye candy, we do have word that a new flick called The Devil's Dozen is on its way, and it's sporting a pretty expansive genre cast.

Exclusive In-Depth Chat with C. Thomas Howell Regarding MoniKa and More!

As a young man, he assisted a cross-dressing alien in evading the feds in Spielberg’s 1982 smash-hit E.T. The Extraterrestrial and was told to “Stay gold, Ponyboy,” in Coppola’s 1983 drama The Outsiders. He made famous the battle-cry ‘Wolverines!’ in John Milius’ 1984 Cold War flick Red Dawn and as ‘Jim Halsey’ nearly ate a french-fried finger in director Robert Harmon’s 1986 horror classic The Hitcher. Years later, and with nearly 150 titles to his credit, C. Thomas Howell sat down with us to discuss with candor his varied career as well as his role in Steven R. Monroe’s upcoming feature MoniKa. Read on!

Exclusive Clip From House of Fallen Says It's Sorry

On DVD today is the Heaven vs. Hell thriller House of Fallen courtesy of Phase 4 Films, and we have an exclusive clip to help you see the light. Or dark. Or nothing at all.

Third Sorority Party Massacre One-Sheet Busts Balls

A new sliver of eye candy has come our way from Chris W. Freeman and Justin Jones' new slasher flick, Sorority Party Massacre, this one featuring star Yvette Yates stroking some wood. Aw yeah, mama.

Haylie Duff Next Victim of a Home Invasion

And the home invasion sub-genre keeps ticking away with the latest entry being the generically titled Home Invasion. Really, guys? Nothing else a little snappier?

Exclusive: Producer Update on Sorority Party Massacre

Sorority Party Massacre co-director (with Justin Jones) and writer-producer Chris Freeman caught up with Dread to give us the skinny on the flick (see our previous coverage here) as well as to provide another bit of exclusive and sexy key art and a production still of cast member Kevin Sorbo.

Exclusive - Filmmaker to Throw a Sorority Party Massacre

While chatting last night with friend and actress Eve Mauro (she of The Steam Experiment and Wicked Lake fame), this writer was tipped off to her upcoming feature Sorority Party Massacre, scheduled to shoot in and around Los Angeles and its surrounding environs this December and coming January.

Infected Becomes The Terror Experiment - New Plot and Artwork Arrive!

It was about ten days ago that I reported on a new rage zombie flick with the uber generic title Infected I had stumbled upon a listing for on the American Film Market.

AFM 2010: Former Brat Packers Get Infected

There was a time in the 1980's when C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson were amongst the hottest group of young actors of their time, collectively known as "The Brat Pack". Now they're reuniting for a low budget rage virus flick unoriginally titled Infected. Take a look at your future, cast of Twilight.

First Howl Delayed; Recession at Fault; Condition Dead Moving Forward

Many moons ago (November, 2007, to be exact), we first told you about an upcoming "satirical werewolf film" called Howl that was gearing up for production.

The Remake That Time Forgot

Remember that 1975 dinosaur classic The Land That Time Forgot? No? That's a shame because it was a surprisingly good little movie. Even more surprising -- production starts next week on the remake with actor C. Thomas Howell in the director's chair! How in the world did we miss this one?

Day the Earth Stopped, The (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring C. Thomas Howell, Sinead McCafferty, Bug Hall, Jeff Ellefson, Judd Nelson Directed by C. Thomas Howell

Blood Wars (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Tony Todd, Jason Connery, A.J. Draven, Allison Lange, America Olivio, C. Thomas Howell Directed by Tom Shell